Research of December 2020

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in December 2020 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2020-12-31Judging Photojournalism: The Metajournalistic Discourse of Judges at the Best of Photojournalism and Pictures of the Year ContestsKyser Lough Journalism Studies
2020-12-30A cudgel of repression: Analysing state instrumentalisation of the ‘fake news’ label in Southeast Asia Ric NeoJournalism
2020-12-30Mediated representation of Middle Eastern and African migrants in UK and US press in the Wake of Brexit and Trumpism John-Bell S OkoyeJournalism
2020-12-30Hating journalism: Anti-press discourse and negative emotions toward journalism in Korea Wooyeol Shin, Changwook Kim, Jaewon JooJournalism
2020-12-30La Gordiloca and the vicissitudes of social media journalism on the U.S. – Mexico borderAriadne Gonzalez, Stuart Davis & Ji-Won Kim Communication Monographs
2020-12-30Algorithmic meta-capital: Bourdieusian analysis of social power through algorithms in media consumptionOuti LundahlInformation, Communication & Society
2020-12-30‘You wouldn’t get that from watching TV!’: Exploring audience responses to virtual reality non-fiction in the homeDavid Philip Green, Mandy Rose, Chris Bevan, Harry Farmer, Kirsten Cater, Danaë Stanton Fraser
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2020-12-29Perceived agenda-setting effect in international context: Impact of media coverage on American audience’s perception of ChinaLinsen Xu, Xigen Li
International Communication Gazette
2020-12-29Keeping the Lights on and the Wolves Outside: College Student Media Advisers in Communities of Practice Elizabeth Smith, Lisa Lyon Payne, Kirstie Hettinga, Jean Norman
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-12-29Mainstream Protest Reporting in the Contemporary Media Environment: Exploring (In)Stability and Adherence to Protest Paradigm From 1998 to 2017 Teresa Gil-LopezJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-12-29Dancing in the Dark: Source Coordination and Strategic Media Alliances in the Health FieldNanna Alida G. Fredheim Journalism Studies
2020-12-29Objects of journalism, revised: Rethinking materiality in journalism studies through emotion, culture and ‘unexpected objects’ Rachel E. Moran, Nikki UsherJournalism
2020-12-29Migration Discourse in Sweden: Frames and Sentiments in Mainstream and Social Media Victoria Yantseva
Social Media + Society
2020-12-29Strategy Framing in News Coverage and Electoral Success: An Analysis of Topic Model Networks ApproachDror Walter & Yotam Ophir Political Communication
2020-12-29Perceived agenda-setting effect in international context: Impact of media coverage on American audience’s perception of ChinaLinsen Su, Xigen Li

International Communication Gazette
2020-12-28Perceptions of Minority Discrimination: Perspectives of Jews Living in Germany on News Media Coverage Philip BaugutJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-12-28An analysis of media discourse on genetically modified rice in China Quan Zheng, Zengyi Zhang
Discourse & Communication
2020-12-28C’est quoi post-truth, new era or time-immemorial? Conceptual reflections for democracy, power and free speechDilara Asardag, Karen DondersInternational Communication Gazette
2020-12-27Towards a Marxist Critique of the Political Economy of Migration and the Media Siyuan Yin Communication, Capitalism & Critique
2020-12-26Co-creation in North American and European digital native media: Web, social networks and offline spaces José Sixto-García, Ana Isabel Rodríguez-Vázquez, Xosé Soengas-PérezJournalism
2020-12-25Voting in local and national elections: the role of local and national news consumption and news media preferenceBumgi Min, Yang Bai , Ryan Yang Wang , Jenna Grzeslo & Krishna Jayakar Atlantic Journal of Communication
2020-12-24Aspiring Journalists Share Practical Obstacles in Journalism ProfessionalismBahtiyar Kurambayev & Sanzhar Issenov Journalism Practice
2020-12-24Constructing Discourses on (Un)truthfulness: Attributions of Reality, Misinformation, and Disinformation by Politicians in a Comparative Social Media SettingMichael Hameleers, Sophie Minihold
Communication Research
2020-12-23Nudging Away False News: Evidence from a Social Norms ExperimentSimge Andi, Jesper AkessonDigital Journalism
2020-12-23The depiction of democracy in Japan’s newspapersJun TsukadaAsian Journal of Communication
2020-12-23From The Silent Watchdog to the Lost WatchdogTor ClarkMedia History
2020-12-23Machen Werther und Papageno im deutschen Journalismus Schule?Katharina Frehmann M.A. & Markus Schäfer Publizistik
2020-12-23Understanding news engagement on social media: A media repertoire approach Shira Dvir-Gvirsman
New Media & Society
2020-12-23Politicizing participatory culture at the margins: The significance of class, gender and online media for the practices of youth networks in the MENA region Shakuntala Banaji, Cristina Moreno-AlmeidaGlobal Media and Communication
2020-12-22Factors Affecting the Frequency and Length of Blackouts in Retransmission Consent Negotiations: A Quantitative AnalysisEun-A Park, Rob Frieden, Krishna JayakarInternational Journal on Media Management
2020-12-22The Economics of News and the Practice of News ProductionDavid RyfeJournalism Studies
2020-12-22‘Restricted’ digital/media repertoires in rural Kenya: a constructive critique Norbert Wildermuth Information, Communication & Society
2020-12-22Revealing the Black Female Aesthetic Through Protest PhotojournalismTara PixleyVisual Communication Quarterly
2020-12-21Women and news: an overview of audience behaviour in 11 countries Meera Selva,
Dr. Simge Andı
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2020-12-20Romaphobia in Romanian press: The lifting of work restrictions for Romanian migrants in the European Union Petre Breazu, Göran Eriksson
Discourse & Communication
2020-12-20Discourse of non-participation in Russian political culture: Analyzing multiple sites of hegemony production Eugene Kukshinov
Discourse & Communication
2020-12-20Information search, behavioural economics, and relevance decisions in the online media industry: how strongly do the algorithms of intermediaries influence the relevance evaluation of information?Hardy Gundlach & Ulrich Hofmann Journal of Media Business Studies
2020-12-19Reclaiming the narratives: Situated multidimensional representation of underserved Indigenous communities through citizen-driven reporting Jiun-Yi Tsai, Rian Bosse, Nisha Sridharan, Monica ChadhaJournalism
2020-12-18Perceptions versus performance: How routines, norms and values influence journalists’ protest coverage decisions Summer Harlow, Danielle K. KilgoJournalism
2020-12-18How Do Partisans Consume News on Social Media? A Comparison of Self-Reports With Digital Trace Measures Among Twitter Users Jieun Shin
Social Media + Society
2020-12-18‘Just the way my generation reads the news’: News consumption habits of youth in Turkey and the UKEylem Yanardağoğlu
Global Media and Communication
2020-12-18The UK media coverage of China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak Xiaoling Zhang, Gareth Shaw
Global Media and China
2020-12-16What do people learn from following the news? A diary study on the influence of media use on knowledge of current news storiesKathleen Beckers
,Peter Van Aelst, Pascal Verhoest, Leen d’Haenens
European Journal of Communication
2020-12-16Life, death or drugs: Actor framing power on the news media coverage of health care policyNanna Alida G FredheimEuropean Journal of Communication
2020-12-10Satirical news from left to right: Discursive integration in written online satireBritta C Brugman, Christian Burgers, Camiel J Beukeboom, Elly A KonijnJournalism
2020-12-10Metaphorical constructions of herding in news reports on Fulani HerdsmenEbuka Elias IgwebuikeContinuum
2020-12-10Like, Comment, or Share? Exploring the Effects of Local Television News Facebook Posts on News EngagementMiao Guo & Fu-Shing SunJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2020-12-09Who Are the Arbiters of Truth? Mainstream Journalists’ Responses to Fake News during the 2017 Zimbabwe CoupAllen Munoriyarwa & Collen ChambweraCommunicatio
2020-12-09Canadian Journalism Programs Respond to Local News Poverty: The Challenge of Doing MoreSally K. Haney, Janice PaskeyCanadian Journal of Communication
2020-12-09Legitimating Worker Disentitlement: Editorial Depictions of Canadian Postal Workers’ Wage Struggles in the Globe and Mail from 1970 to 2015Ellen Russell, Brittainy Ruth BonnisCanadian Journal of Communication
2020-12-09Amplification of regional discrimination on Chinese news portals: An affective critical discourse analysisAltman Yuzhu PengConvergence
2020-12-09Platform Civics: Facebook in the Local Information InfrastructureKjerstin Thorson, Mel Medeiros, Kelley Cotter, Yingying Chen, Kourtnie Rodgers, Arram Bae & Sevgi BaykaldiDigital Journalism
2020-12-09What Is Digital Journalism? Defining the Practice and Role of the Digital JournalistGregory P. Perreault & Patrick FerrucciDigital Journalism
2020-12-09Competition, Change, and Coordination and Collaboration: Tracing News Executives’ Perceptions About Participation in Media InnovationOscar Westlund, Arne H. Krumsvik & Seth C. LewisJournalism Studies
2020-12-09“The Girls at the Desk”: Timeless Blokishness in the Newsroom Culture in the British Press?Martina Topić & Carmen BruegmannJournalism Studies
2020-12-09Online News Sharing in the Face of Mixed Audiences: Context Collapse, Homophily, and Types of Social MediaEun-Mee Kim & Jennifer IhmJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2020-12-08Training and Supporting of Journalism Faculty to Teach Online: A Multiple Case StudyBrian Delaney & Kristen BettsJournalism Practice
2020-12-08The Attention Apparatus: Conditions and Affordances of News Reporting in Hybrid Media Events of Terrorist ViolenceNiina Uusitalo & Katja ValaskiviJournalism Practice
2020-12-08Surveying research on favelas and the media: emphases and absences in decades of critical explorationsHelton LevyPopular Communication
2020-12-07Audience expectations of journalism: What’s politics got to do with it?Andreas Riedl, Jakob-Moritz EberlJournalism
2020-12-04Moderating Uncivil User Comments by Humans or Machines? The Effects of Moderation Agent on Perceptions of Bias and Credibility in News ContentSai WangDigital Journalism
2020-12-04News Sharing, Gatekeeping, and Polarization: A Study of the #Bolsonaro ElectionNatalia Aruguete, Ernesto Calvo & Tiago VenturaDigital Journalism
2020-12-04Expanding the Role of Trust in the Experience of Algorithmic Journalism: User Sensemaking of Algorithmic Heuristics in Korean UsersDonghee ShinJournalism Practice
2020-12-04The “Serial Effect” and the True Crime Podcast EcosystemLindsey A. SherrillJournalism Practice
2020-12-04News values and human values in mediated terrorism: Photographic representations of the 2015 Beirut and Paris attacks by global news agenciesMichael Dokyum KimMedia, War & Conflict
2020-12-03Free to succeed: Does press freedom influence the entrepreneurial orientation and the reader revenue performance of independent news media firms?—A cross-sectional studyFrançois Nel, Coral Milburn-Curtis, Katja Lehtisaari, Aske KammerNewspaper Research Journal
2020-12-03Autism in the media: A longitudinal study of stigma cues and framing of attributionNan Yu, Laura FarrellNewspaper Research Journal
2020-12-03Journalism Education in the 21st century: A thematic analysis of the research literatureLaurence SolkinJournalism
2020-12-03Reporting familicide-suicide in broadcast media: An Irish case study to inform better practiceAnne O’ Brien, Eileen CullotyJournalism
2020-12-03What we think we know and what we want to know: perspectives on trust in news in a changing worldBenjamin Toff, Sumitra Badrinathan, Camila Mont'Alverne, Amy Ross Arguedas, Richard Fletcher, Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2020-12-02‘I am perfectly imperfect because I am a media professional’: Asserting the Association Between Media Consumption Attitude, Emotional Ownership and Personal Well-beingV. Vijay Kumar, Lalatendu Kesari JenaAsia Pacific Media Educator
2020-12-02Media Framing of Disability and Employment in Japan: Traditional and Progressive ApproachesLiz Shek-NobleAsia Pacific Media Educator
2020-12-02#AidToo: Social Media Spaces and the Transformation of the Reporting of Aid Scandals in 2018Dr Glenda CooperJournalism Practice
2020-12-02Impartiality on Platforms: The Politics of BBC Journalists’ Twitter NetworksTom Mills, Killian Mullan & Gary FooksJournalism Studies
2020-12-02“Be Less of a Slave to the News”: A Texto-Material Perspective on News Avoidance among Young AdultsTali Aharoni, Neta Kligler-Vilenchik & Keren Tenenboim-WeinblattJournalism Studies
2020-12-01Twenty-four hours in the alt-right media ecosystem: analyzing race, space, and labor in Breitbart’s coverage of the Mollie Tibbetts murderEmily EdwardsCritical Studies in Media Communication
2020-12-01“Everything Just Went Apeshit”: Revisiting the “Mobilization Model” of Journalistic ImpactMagda Konieczna & Lucas GravesJournalism Studies
2020-12-01Exploring digital divides in older adults’ news consumptionAnnika BergströmNordicom Review
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