Research of December 2018

Journalism research of December 2018

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in November 2018 about journalism research.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal/ publisher
2018-12-01Is Any Publicity Good Publicity? Media Coverage, Party Institutions, and Authoritarian Power-SharingFengming Lu & Xiao MaPolitical Communication
2018-12-03Americans Still Prefer Watching to Reading the News – and Mostly Still Through TelevisionAmy MitchellPew Research Center survey
2018-12-03 Outside the Sports Closet: News Discourses of Professional Gay Male Athletes in the MainstreamLeigh M. Moscowitz, Andrew C. Billings, Khadija Ejaz, Jane O’BoyleJournal of Communication Inquiry
2018-12-04Blood and ink: the relationship between Islamic State propaganda and Western mediaAudrey Courty, Halim Rane & Kasun UbayasiriThe Journal of International Communication
2018-12-05Changing media representations of enemy leaders: A comparison between the Israeli–Palestinian and the Northern Ireland conflictsHila Lowenstein-BarkaiJournalism
2018-12-05Journalistic memory work and transitional justice in Chile: The case of the declassification of the Colonia Dignidad archives in BerlinCatalina Gaete SalgadoJournalism
2018-12-06Coming of Age: Developments in Digital-Born News Media in EuropeTom Nicholls, Nabeelah Shabbir, Lucas Graves,
and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Instute Report
2018-12-07Bottom Lines and Deadlines: Examining Local Digital News Startups’ Content Across Different Revenue-earning SitesMonica Chadha & Summer HarlowJournalism Practice
2018-12-07Press performance amid threats of terror: Exploring reporting thresholds and criticism in elite coverage of an Identity Cards BillJulian Matthews, Sarah CameronJournalism
2018-12-07Press performance amid threats of terror: Exploring reporting thresholds and criticism in elite coverage of an Identity Cards BillJulian Matthews, Sarah CameronJournalism
2018-12-09Revisiting the Two-Step Flow Model on Twitter: Interconnection of Self-Identified South Korean Twitter Opinion Leadership, News Consumption, News Links, and News CurationChang Sup ParkElectronic News
2018-12-10The Internet and Changes in the Media Industry: A 5-Year Cross-National Examination of Media Industries for 51 CountriesSung Wook JiJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-12-10Gathering evidence of evidence: News aggregation as an epistemological practiceMark CoddingtonJournalism
2018-12-10Gendered Communication Styles in the News: An Algorithmic Comparative Study of Conflict CoverageKeren Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Christian BadenCommunication Research
2018-12-11Spreading the Good News: Analyzing Socially Shared Inspirational News ContentQihao Ji, Arthur A. Raney, Sophie H. Janicke-Bowles, Katherine R. Dale, Mary Beth Oliver, Abigail Reed, Jonmichael Seibert, Arthur A. Raney, IIJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-12-11 Analysis of ‘proactive discourse’ in the construction of local community by the media during the 2013 Tasmanian bushfire in AustraliaWeimin ZhangJournalism
2018-12-11Freedom of information lessons from India: Collaboration, co-production and rights-based agenda buildingJeannine E Relly, Rajdeep PakanatiJournalism
2018-12-11Regional newspapers’ sourcing strategies: Changes in media-citation and self-citation from a longitudinal perspectiveRamona Vonbun-Feldbauer, Leyla DogruelJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-11Kanye West and the Digital Information Matrix: Lessons on Misinformation from a Hip Hop ArtistCaithlin MercerReuters Institute Fellow Paper
2018-12-12Coverage of Taliban conflict in the Pak–Afghan press: A comparative analysisShabir Hussain, Syed Abdul SirajInternational Communication Gazette
2018-12-12‘Vox Twitterati’: Investigating the effects of social media exemplars in online news articlesAndrew R N Ross, Delia DumitrescuNew Media & Society
2018-12-12News finds me perception and democracy: Effects on political knowledge, political interest, and votingHomero Gil de Zúñiga, Trevor DiehlNew Media & Society
2018-12-13Sinking Strangers: Media Representations of Climate Refugees on the BBC and Al JazeeraElida Høeg, Christopher D. TullochJournal of Communication Inquiry
2018-12-13The Backbone Structure of Audience Networks: A New Approach to Comparing Online News Consumption Across CountriesSílvia Majó-Vázquez, Rasmus K. Nielsen & Sandra González-BailónPolitical Communication
2018-12-13An Industry-Led Debate: How UK Media Cover Artificial IntelligenceJ. Scott Brennen, Philip N. Howard, and Rasmus Kleis-NielsenReuters Institute Factsheet
2018-12-16Participation in Local Journalism. Assessing Two Approaches through Access, Dialogue and DeliberationLaura Ahva, Victor WiardSur le journalisme
2018-12-16What We Talk about When We Talk about Local Journalism. Tacit Knowledge during the Digital ShiftKarianne Sørgård OlsenSur le journalisme
2018-12-16Innovating contextual genres. A strategy to sustain regional democratic relevance?Birgit Røe Mathisen, Lisbeth MorlandstøSur le journalisme
2018-12-17Interested in Diversity
The role of user attitudes, algorithmic feedback loops, and policy in news personalization
Balázs Bodó, Natali Helberger, Sarah Eskens & Judith MöllerDigital Journalism
2018-12-17Self-Censorship Among Student Journalists Based on Perceived Threats and RisksLee K. Farquhar, Michael Clay CareyJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2018-12-17Political social identity and selective exposureShira Dvir-GvirsmanMedia Psychology
2018-12-17Framing internal politics in a conflict situation: A study of the 2014 election campaign news in the local newspapers in the Indian-administered Kashmir regionArif Hussain NadafMedia, War & Conflict
2018-12-18Conspiracy to Commit Murder? Canadian Newspaper Trades and Closures, 2010-2017Marc EdgeThe Canadian Journal of Media Studies
2018-12-18Practitioner perceptions: Critical junctures and the global emergence and challenges of fact-checkingMichelle A AmazeenInternational Communication Gazette
2018-12-19Eyes Wide Shut: Failures to Teach Student Journalists About Eyewitness ErrorRobin BlomJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2018-12-19The good, the bad, and the ugly: A corpus linguistics analysis of US newspaper coverage of Latinx, 1996–2016Erik Bleich, James P Callison, Georgia Grace Edwards, Mia Fichman, Erin Hoynes, Razan Jabari, A Maurits van der VeenJournalism
2018-12-19Lack of trust in the news media, institutional weakness, and relational journalism as a potential way forwardSeth C LewisJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalism under (ideological) threat: Safeguarding and enhancing public service media into the 21st centuryStephen CushionJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Truth: More valid than everKaarle NordenstrengJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19A forced opportunity: Climate change and journalismRisto KuneliusJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19From networked commercialism to networked authoritarianism: The biggest challenge to journalismJoseph M ChanJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Taking conspiracy culture seriously: Journalism needs to face its epistemological troubleJuliette De MaeyerJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Challenges facing Arab journalism, freedom, safety and economic securityZahera HarbJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The staging trap: Right-wing politics as a challenge for journalismKai HafezJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalism coming of (global) age, IISimon CottleJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The ontology of journalismDavid RyfeJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalistic challengesDavid H WeaverJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalism in a climate of hateCherian GeorgeJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)Journalism
2018-12-19Relevance, resistance, resilience: Journalism’s challenges in a global worldHerman WassermanJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Secret, repressive states worldwide and the threat to journalismRichard KeebleJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The social identity of journalistsDaniel KreissJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalism studies still needs to fix Western biasThomas HanitzschJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Triple crisis of journalismJames CurranJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The staging trap: Right-wing politics as a challenge for journalismKai HafezJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The murky ownership of the journalistic enterpriseJohn SoloskiJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The violence of the marketVictor PickardJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalism as procedure, journalism as valuesChris W. AndersonJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Recovering the real for news photographyStuart AllanJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19ContinuityHenrik BødkerJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalism needs a better argument: Aligning public goals with the realities of the digital news and information landscapeChris PetersJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Paywalls and public knowledge: How can journalism provide quality news for everyone?Rodney BensonJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19What to do about social media? Politics, populism and journalismRhys Crilley, Marie GillespieJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Habits of practice, habits of thoughtJane B SingerJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The biggest challenge facing journalism: A lack of trustKatherine FinkJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19(Dis)TrustNatalie FentonJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Native advertising and the cultivation of counterfeit newsTheodore L Glasser, Anita Varma, Sheng ZouJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The legitimacy paradoxMarcel BroersmaJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Where we are and whither we are tendingMichael SchudsonJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Fake news and ‘RussiaGate’ discourses: Propaganda in the post-truth eraOliver Boyd-BarrettJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The threat to the journalistic institutionStephen D ReeseJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The perpetual failure of journalismMatt CarlsonJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Crisis of shared public discourses: Journalism and how it all begins and ends with trustSue RobinsonJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19‘Who are those guys?’ The challenge of journalists’ identityMichael BromleyJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The challenge of local news provisionKarin Wahl-JorgensenJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Realizing the democratic functions of journalism in the digital age: New alliances and a return to old valuesFrank Esser, Christoph NeubergerJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19On creativityMark DeuzeJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19‘This time it’s different’: Covering threats to journalism and the eroding public sphereAdrienne RussellJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The vulnerabilities of journalismSilvio WaisbordJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Social media versus journalism and democracyVincent MoscoJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The truth is out there, somewhereBrian McNairJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Lying with impunityJohn NeroneJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19From by-line to bottom-line: Trust deficit in world’s largest democracyPrasun SonwalkarJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalism’s biggest challenge? JournalistsNikki UsherJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The importance of digital security to securing press freedomLokman TsuiJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalism’s epistemic crisis and its solution: Disinformation, datafication and source criticismSteen SteensenJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Why livestreaming symbolises journalism’s current challengesGlenda CooperJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Addressing sexual harassment in journalism educationLinda SteinerJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The challenge of thinking ecologicallyErik NeveuJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Seeking bearings: How journalism scholarship must assist in navigating the news industry in the digital vortexFrançois HeinderyckxJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19The existential predicament when journalism moves beyond journalismAlfred HermidaJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Journalism has no future: A hypothesis for the neo-liberal eraMartin ConboyJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-19Government frames and their influence on news framing: An analysis of cross-lagged correlations in the Mexican contextFrida V Rodelo, Carlos MuñizGlobal Media and Communication
2018-12-19Recognition and transformation: Beyond media discourses on the BRICSTom Dwyer, Olivier ArifonGlobal Media and Communication
2018-12-19The interaction of journalism and public relations in Russia: A self-perceptionGreg Simons, Dmitry StrovskyGlobal Media and Communication
2018-12-20Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Thief: An Investigation into the Role of Drones in JournalismCatherine AdamsDigital Journalism
2018-12-20Is public service broadcasting a threat to commercial media?Helle Sjøvaag, Truls André Pedersen, Thomas OwrenMedia, Culture & Society
2018-12-20Advancing children’s news media literacy: learning from the practices and experiences of young AustraliansTanya Notley, Michael DezuanniMedia, Culture & Society
2018-12-21Cultural journalists on social mediaNete Nørgaard KristensenMedieKultur
2018-12-22What influences media effects on public perception? A cross-national study of comparative agenda settingHong T Vu, Liefu Jiang, Lourdes M Cueva Chacón, Martin J Riedl, Duc V Tran, Piotr S BobkowskiInternational Communication Gazette
2018-12-25Increasing female participation in municipal elections via the use of local radio in conflict-affected settings: The case of the West Bank Municipal elections 2017Emma HeywoodJournalism
2018-12-25In search of a genocidal frame: Preliminary evidence from the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocideMaria ArmoudianMedia, War & Conflict
2018-12-26Palestinian media landscape: Experiences, narratives, and agendas of journalists under restrictionsIbrahim Hazboun, Ifat Maoz & Menahem BlondheimThe Communication Review
2018-12-27Do public relations practitioners perceptually share ingroup affiliation with journalists?David E. ClementsonPublic Relations Review
2018-12-28Audience Preferences in Determining Quality News Production of Backpack JournalismCharlie GeeElectronic News
2018-12-29Making news funny: Differences in news framing between journalists and comediansSara ÖdmarkJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-29The effects of news authorship, exclusiveness and media type in readers’ paying intent for online news: An experimental studyManuel Goyanes, Juan Pablo Artero, Lara ZapataJournalism (Special 20th anniversary issue)
2018-12-29The Populist Radical Right and the Media in the Benelux: Friend or Foe?Léonie de JongeThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2018-12-30Authoritarian Cooptation of Urban Protests in China: Normative, Cognitive, and Regulatory Controls through the MediaFanxu Zeng, Jia Dai & Wei JiangChinese Journal of Communication
2018-12-30Fake News as a Critical Incident in JournalismEdson C. Tandoc Jr., Joy Jenkins & Stephanie CraftJournalism Practice
2018-12-30Engaged Journalism in Rural CommunitiesAndrea WenzelJournalism Practice
2018-12-30Now You See Me – Now You Don't: Journalists’ Experiences With SurveillanceAnthony MillsJournalism Practice
2018-12-30When partisans see media coverage as hostile:the effect of uncivil online comments on hostile media effectYoungju Kim & Hyunseo HwangMedia Psychology
2018-12-31The misunderstood nineteenth century U.S. press agentKaren Russell, Cayce MyersPublic Relations Review
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