Research of August 2022

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in August 2022 about journalism research. The bolded titles have JRN articles written about the studies.


PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2022-08-01Protesting the Protest Paradigm: TikTok as a Space for Media CriticismIoana Literat, Lillian Boxman-Shabtai, Neta Kligler-Vilenchik
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2022-08-01Mapping the European media landscape – Meteor, a curated and community-coded inventory of news sourcesPaul Balluff, Fabienne Lind, Hajo G. Boomgaarden, Annie Waldherr
European Journal of Communication
2022-08-01Cultures of Digital Architectures: Power and Positionalities in the Backend of Online Journalism ProductionRobert E. Gutsche, Jr
Journal of Communication Inquiry
2022-08-04Protected Area Politics in the American West: Framing Bears Ears National Monument in Local NewsJared T. Macary & Traci K. GilligJournalism Practice
2022-08-04“Bring about the change we want to see”: Ram Devineni and the media spectacle of Priya’s ShaktiAyesha Vemuri & Sailaja KrishnamurtiFeminist Media Studies
2022-08-04Rethinking the Collective Memory: Mister Rogers, Senator Pastore, and Public BroadcastingMatt CikovicAmerican Journalism
2022-08-04Moral Beauty During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Prosocial Behavior Among Adolescents and the Inspiring Role of the MediaRebecca N. H. de Leeuw, Thabo J. van Woudenberg, Kayla H. Green, Sophie W. Sweijen, Suzanne van de Groep, Mariska Kleemans, Sanne L. Tamboer, Eveline A. Crone, Moniek BuijzenCommunication Research
2022-08-04Fact-Checking Methodology and its Transparency: What Indian Fact-Checking Websites Have to Say?Anoop KumarJournalism Practice
2022-08-05Does Black Economic Empowerment Ownership Matter? A Decolonial Analysis of “Black Visibility” in South Africa’s Print Media Content, 1994–2014Prinola GovendenAfrican Journalism Studies
2022-08-05Framing the Poor during Covid-19: Townships and Informal Settlements in South African Online NewsMandla J. RadebeCommunicatio
2022-08-05Media crisis and its effects on digital journalism careers in CanadaFábio Henrique PereiraJournalism
2022-08-05Trends in the interest in COVID-19 news of the local media and their readers: The case of SpainTatiana Santos-Gonçalves, Sebastian NappJournalism
2022-08-05Similar citizen portrayals? Converging media-based othering in tabloids and broadsheetsStefanie Walter, Zoltán Fazekas
2022-08-07Journalistic Practices in Media Events Before Broadcasting: The Public Funeral of King Oscar II in Early Twentieth-Century SwedenUlrika HolgerssonJournalism Studies
2022-08-08From partner to rival: Changes in media frames of China in German print coverage between 2000 and 2019Lena Marie Hufnagel, Gerret von Nordheim, Henrik Müller
International Communication Gazette
2022-08-08“Fake News” and Multiple Regimes of “Truth” During the COVID-19 Pandemic in ZimbabweLyton Ncube & Admire MareAfrican Journalism Studies
2022-08-08You Said Digital First! A Five-Dimensional Definition According to Journalists from Three Swiss NewspapersAndrew T. Robotham & Nathalie Pignard-CheynelJournalism Practice
2022-08-09Media and violence against women in the Basque Country: A self-regulation case studyAinhoa Novo-Arbona, Simón Peña-Fernández, Lucía Martínez-Odriozola, Eva Jiménez-Martín & Leyre Eguskiza-SesumagaFeminist Media Studies
2022-08-10Constructing girlhood in Turkey: astrology in the Turkish HeyGirl magazineBurcu Dabak ÖzdemirFeminist Media Studies
2022-08-10How the Ultrarich Use Media Ownership as a Political InvestmentGuy Grossman, Yotam Margalit, Tamar MittsThe journal of politics
2022-08-10Framing post-disaster collective action as ‘good news’: Possibilities and tensionsSally Carlton, Sylvia Nissen, Jennifer HK Wong
Media, Culture & Society
2022-08-11What do thought leaders make us think about journalism? A boundary-work analysis of newspaper commentary articlesAndrew Duffy, Andrew Prahl, Clara Hui Min Lim
Newspaper Research Journal
2022-08-11Exploring the Effects of Traditional Media, Social Media, and Foreign Media on Hierarchical Levels of Political Trust in ChinaPing Xu, Yinjiao Ye, Mingxin Zhang
Global Media and China
2022-08-11Media and Uncertainty| Connective Memory Practices: Mourning the Restructuring of a War DeskMuira McCammon
International Journal of Communication
2022-08-11Media and Uncertainty| Local Journalism in the Age of Uncertainty: The Case of Youngstown, Ohio’s The VindicatorCarla Randolph EverstijnInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-11Media and Uncertainty| Understanding the Institutional Precarity of Journalism: A Macro Approach to the Civil Diminishment of JournalismSara TorsnerInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-11Media and Uncertainty| In One Hand, a Camera, and in the Other, a Gun: State Adoption of Visual Activist Strategies for Narrative LegitimacyAnat LeshnickInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-11Media and Uncertainty| “We’re All Told Not to Put Our Eggs in One Basket”: Uncertainty, Precarity and Cross-Platform Labor in the Online Video Influencer IndustryZoë GlattInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-11Media and Uncertainty| Media and Uncertainty—IntroductionNelson Ribeiro, Barbie ZelizerInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-11How Do Investigative Journalists Initiate Their Stories? Exploring the Investigative Ecosystem of SwitzerlandLena Wuergler & Pauline CancelaJournalism Practice
2022-08-11The Lifestyle of Lifestyle Journalism: How Reporters Discursively Manage Their Aspirations in Their Daily WorkGregory P. Perreault & Valérie Bélair-GagnonJournalism Practice
2022-08-11The depoliticization of law in the news: BBC reporting on US use of extraterritorial or ‘long-arm’ law against ChinaLe Cheng, Xiaobin Zhu & David MachinCritical Discourse Studies
2022-08-11Impairment, failure, emergency: A review essay on recent trends in media and disability studiesDomenico Napolitano, Silvio Ripetta, Vita Lasala
Media, Culture & Society
2022-08-12The Tenure and Promotion Standards Used to Evaluate Creative Scholarship in the Media and Communication FieldsSerena Miller
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2022-08-12The Heart and Mind of a Radio Station: Audience Perceptions of Radio Station Brand PersonalityTherese Roux & Tania MareeCommunicatio
2022-08-12Comparing Populist Media: From Fox News to the Young Turks, From Cable to YouTube, From Right to LeftReece PeckTelevision & New Media
2022-08-13Using party press releases and Wikipedia page view data to analyse developments and determinants of parties’ issue prevalence: Evidence for the right-wing populist ‘Alternative for Germany’Marc Debus, Christoffer Florczak
Research & Politics
2022-08-13Consumptive News Feed Curation on Social Media: A Moderated Mediation Model of News Interest, Affordance Utilization, and FriendingYan Su, Xizhu Xiao, Porismita Borah, Xin Hong, Chang SunInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-13Mediatization Research and Causality: Toward a Critical Realist OntologySebastián AnsaldoInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-13Mapping the Global Audiences of Russia’s Domestic News: How Social Networks Function as Transmitters of Authoritarian News to Foreign AudiencesJulia KlingInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-13“Pivoting to Instability”: Metajournalistic Discourse, Reflexivity and the Economics and Effects of a Shrinking IndustryPatrick Ferrucci, Michelle Rossi
International Journal of Communication
2022-08-13Influence of Fake News Exposure on Perceived Media Bias: The Moderating Role of Party IdentityAlberto Ardèvol-AbreuInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-14Breaking New Ground. C. Leonard Woolley’s Archaeology Talks on the BBC, 1922–1939Hélène MaloigneMedia History
2022-08-15Tools and measures for diversity and inclusion in media industries: International best practice and informing policy change in the Irish film and television sectorPáraic Kerrigan, Susan Liddy, Anne O’Brien
European Journal of Communication
2022-08-16Digital Opportunities for Local Journalism: A Panel Data Analysis on the Economic Performance of Online-Only vs. Print NewspapersRaul Rios-Rodríguez, Sara Fernández-López, Adrián Dios-Vicente & David Rodeiro-PazosDigital Journalism
2022-08-16Spaces of Negotiation: Analyzing Platform Power in the News IndustryThomas Poell, David B. Nieborg & Brooke Erin DuffyDigital Journalism
2022-08-16Dissecting Non-Use of Online News – Systematic Evidence from Combining Tracking and Automated Text ClassificationMichael V. ReissDigital Journalism
2022-08-16Media Production Logics in Triple-Party News-Spaces: A Five-Dimensional FrameworkOri TenenboimDigital Journalism
2022-08-16Alternative Counter-News Use and Fake News Recall During the COVID-19 CrisisLena Frischlich, Lara Kuhfeldt, Tim Schatto-Eckrodt & Lena CleverDigital Journalism
2022-08-16Nudging Towards Exposure Diversity: Examining the Effects of News Recommender Design on Audiences’ News Exposure Behaviours and PerceptionsGlen Joris, Stefaan Vercoutere, Orphée De Clercq, Kristin Van Damme, Peter Mechant & Lieven De MarezDigital Journalism
2022-08-16Unpacking public animosity toward professional journalism: A qualitative analysis of the differences between media distrust and cynicismČedomir Markov, Young Min
2022-08-16Location Data: A Delphi Study of its Ethical Implications for the News IndustryAmy Schmitz Weiss & Brett OppegaardJournalism Practice
2022-08-16Stories that Don't Make the News: Navigating a White Newsroom as a Black Female ReporterTyra L. JacksonJournalism Practice
2022-08-16War of the Words: How Individuals Respond to “Fake News,” “Misinformation,” “Disinformation,” and “Online Falsehoods”Edson C. Tandoc & Seth Kai SeetJournalism Practice
2022-08-16Safeguarding Editorial Independence in an Automated Media System: The Relationship Between Law and Journalistic PerspectivesM. Z. van Drunen & D. FechnerDigital Journalism
2022-08-16“I Really Wanted Them to Have My Back, but They Didn’t”—Structural Barriers to Addressing Gendered Online Violence against JournalistsAnnina ClaessonDigital Journalism
2022-08-16Thus spoke Zuckerberg: Journalistic discourse, executive personae, and the personalization of tech industry powerBrian Creech, Jessica Maddox
New Media & Society
2022-08-17From industry development to social influence: video games in Chinese newspaper coverage, 2010–2020Shuguang Zhao &Yiming LiuChinese Journal of Communication
2022-08-17Blind spots and diversity in a local media landscapeLisbeth Morlandstø, Birgit Røe Mathisen
2022-08-17Local is now national: The Athletic as a model for online local newsPatrick Ferrucci, Gregory Perreault
New Media & Society
2022-08-18Taiwan’s Public Discourse About Disinformation: The Role of Journalism, Academia, and PoliticsAdrian Rauchfleisch, Tzu-Hsuan Tseng, Jo-Ju Kao & Yi-Ting LiuJournalism Practice
2022-08-18Network Amplification of Politicized Information and Misinformation about COVID-19 by Conservative Media and Partisan Influencers on TwitterYini Zhang, Fan Chen & Josephine LukitoPolitical Communication
2022-08-18Trusting the Facts: The Role of Framing, News Media as a (Trusted) Source, and Opinion Resonance for Perceived Truth in Statistical StatementsElina Lindgren, Torun Lindholm, Rens Vliegenthart, Hajo G. Boomgaarden, Alyt Damstra, Jesper Strömbäck, Yariv Tsfati
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2022-08-19Social Media, News Media, and the Democratic Deficit: Can the Blockchain Make a Difference?Nicholas Nicoli, Soulla Louca, Petros IosifidisTriple C
2022-08-19Evaluating the Influence of Metaphor in News on Foreign-Policy SupportKathleen Ahrens, Christian Burgers, Yin ZhongInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-19Whose Voices Count?: Sourcing U.S. American Television News About the WorldDavid C. Oh, Omotayo O. Banjo, Nancy A. JenningsInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-19Journalistic Roles and News Framing: A Comparative Framing Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic Across China, South Korea, and the United StatesBin Chen, Gyo Hyun KooInternational Journal of Communication
2022-08-19Where exactly between utopia and dystopia? A framing analysis of AI and automation in US newspapersHannes Cools, Baldwin Van Gorp, Michael OpgenhaffenJournalism
2022-08-19Non-Elitist Truth? The Epistemologies of Italian Journalists in the Hybrid Media SystemSergio Splendore, Laura IannelliSocial Media + Society
2022-08-19Running up Against a Brick Wall: U.S. Metajournalistic Discourse of Gender Equality in NewsroomsMargaretha Geertsema-Sligh & Tim P. Vos Journalism Studies
2022-08-19Professional and Personal Identity, Precarity and Discrimination in Global Arts JournalismRob Sharp &Lucia VodanovicJournalism Studies
2022-08-19“It’s a Battle You Are Never Going to Win”: Perspectives from Journalists in Four Countries on How Digital Media Platforms Undermine Trust in NewsAmy A. Ross Arguedas, Sumitra Badrinathan, Camila Mont’Alverne, Benjamin Toff, Richard Fletcher & Rasmus Kleis NielsenJournalism Studies
2022-08-21A frame analysis of climate change solutions in legacy news and digital mediaMichelle I. Seelig, Huixin Deng, Songyi Liang
Newspaper Research Journal
2022-08-21Journalism and reportage of insecurity: Newspaper and television coverage of banditry activities in Northern NigeriaUgwu Chukwuma Alphonsus, Emeka Williams Etumnu, Felix Olajide Talabi, Isaac Olajide Fadeyi, Ayodeji Boluwatife Aiyesimoju, Oberiri Destiny Apuke, Gever Verlumun Celestine
Newspaper Research Journal
2022-08-22Health Journalists’ Social Media Sourcing During the Early Outbreak of the Public Health EmergencyXinzhi Zhang & Rui Zhu
Journalism Practice
2022-08-23Critic or cheerleader? Editorial cartoons during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemicJody C. Baumgartner, Hanna Kassab
Newspaper Research Journal
2022-08-23Editor’s note, Summer 2022 (Newspaper Research Journal)Editorial
Newspaper Research Journal
2022-08-23News Sourcing Practices in Climate Reporting in IndonesiaMira Rochyadi-ReetzJournalism Studies
2022-08-23Populist Conservatism on the Air: The Dies Committee and Network RadioJoy Elizabeth HayesJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2022-08-24The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Transformation of (Digital) JournalismThorsten Quandt & Karin Wahl-JorgensenDigital Journalism
2022-08-24Religious Identity, Politics, and the Media: What White Evangelical Christian Women's Religious Identity Reveals About Their Endorsement of Donald J. Trump and Distrust of News OutletsGayle Jansen Brisbane
Journal of Communication Inquiry
2022-08-24Remapping spatiality in contemporary East Asian media engagement: reevaluating China’s Got TalentEason Lu
Media, Culture & Society
2022-08-24Preparing to publish: How journalists negotiate content restrictions in semi-authoritarian statesRuth Moon
International Communication Gazette
2022-08-24Fake News, Fact Checking, and Partisanship: The Resilience of Rumors in the 2018 Brazilian ElectionsFrederico Batista Pereira, Natália S. Bueno, Felipe Nunes, Nara PavãoThe Journal of Politics
2022-08-24Preparing to publish: How journalists negotiate content restrictions in semi-authoritarian statesRuth MoonInternational Communication Gazette
2022-08-25Two Mindsets among U.S. Journalists: Neutral & ActivistGreg Munno,Megan Craig, Kate Farrish & Alex RichardsJournalism Studies
2022-08-28Development journalism and revitalisation of familism in MalaysiaMuhammad Asim Imran
Media International Australia
2022-08-29Conspiracy thinking and the role of media use: Exploring the antecedents of conspiratorial predispositionsJesper Strömbäck, Elena Broda, Salma Bouchafra, Sofia Johansson, Gregor Rettenegger, Elina LindgrenEuropean Journal of Communication
2022-08-29Anonymity Technologies in Investigative Journalism: A Tool for Inspiring Trust in SourcesMarjolaine Biscop &David Décary-HétuJournalism Practice
2022-08-30Deepfakes, Documentary and the Dead: “I Wasn’t Putting Words into His Mouth. I Was Just Trying to Make Them Come Alive.”Kate NashJournal of Media Ethics

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