Research of August 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in August 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-08-02Situational effects of journalistic resources on gender imbalances in the coverage of Swiss news media: A longitudinal analysis from 2011 to 2019Daniel Vogler, Lisa Schwaiger
2021-08-02Populist alternative news use and its role for elections: Web-tracking and survey evidence from two campaign periodsPhilipp Müller, Ruben L Bach
New Media & Society
2021-08-02Digital nativism: Twitter, migration discourse and the 2019 electionJames P Walsh
New Media & Society
2021-08-02Polarized platforms? How partisanship shapes perceptions of “algorithmic news bias”Mikhaila N. Calice, Luye Bao, Isabelle Freiling, Emily Howell, Michael A. Xenos, Shiyu Yang, Dominique Brossard, Todd P. Newman, Dietram A. Scheufele
New Media & Society
2021-08-02Uncensored journalism in censored times: Challenges of reporting on AzerbaijanArzu Geybulla
2021-08-02Traumatic past in the present: COVID-19 and Holocaust memory in Israeli media, digital media, and social mediaLiat Steir-Livny
Media, Culture & Society
2021-08-02Lessons in Media Ethics: Popular Culture, Religion and Digital MediaKati Tusinski BergJournal of Media Ethics
2021-08-02“I Didn't Know How We Were Going to Survive”: U.S. Community Newspapers’ Resilience During COVID-19Teri Finneman, Will Mari & Ryan J. ThomasJournalism Practice
2021-08-03Producing anti-regime protest news in a polarized and clientelistic media system: A frame building approachLindita Camaj
2021-08-03Journalism, the Coming of Television, and the New South AfricaIan GlennAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-08-03The Monitorial Role of Crowdsourced Journalism: Audience Engagement in Corruption Reporting in Nonprofit NewsroomsLindita CamajJournalism Practice
2021-08-03Towards a Decolonised South African Journalism HistoryGawie BotmaAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-08-04Russia’s rising military and communication power: From Chechnya to CrimeaJames Rodgers, Alexander Lanoszka
Media, War & Conflict
2021-08-04How people perceive influence of fake news and why it mattersTaeyoung LeeCommunication Quarterly
2021-08-04Journalism as a Public Good: How the Nonprofit News Model Can Save Us from OurselvesRosalie C. Westenskow & Edward L. CarterCommunication Law and Policy
2021-08-04Could cutting costs mean changing minds? Effects of local television news work routines on viewer attention, information-processing, and perceptions of story importanceKeren Henderson, T Makana Chock
2021-08-04Forensic conflict studies: Making sense of war in the social media ageJakob Hauter
Media, War & Conflict
2021-08-06From Local to Translocal Experience:
The Nationwide Culture of Letters to the Press in Mid-1800s Finland
Heikki KokkoMedia History
2021-08-06Infrastructures for media ‘extension’: licensing trade expos and the production of media distributionDario Lolli
Media, Culture & Society
2021-08-06“Flatten the Curve”: Data-Driven Projections and the Journalistic Brokering of Knowledge during the COVID-19 CrisisChristian Pentzold, Denise J. Fechner & Conrad ZuberDigital Journalism
2021-08-06Dubious News: The Social Processing of Uncertain Facts in Uncertain TimesAndrew Duffy & Natalie Ning TanDigital Journalism
2021-08-06News Avoidance during the Covid-19 Crisis: Understanding Information OverloadKiki de Bruin, Yael de Haan, Rens Vliegenthart, Sanne Kruikemeier & Mark BoukesDigital Journalism
2021-08-06Mergers, Acquisitions and Magazine Media in 2021Elizabeth Meyers Hendrickson & Adam SubotinJournalism Practice
2021-08-07Active agency, access and powerVirpi Salojärvi, Rikke Bjerg Jensen
Media, War & Conflict
2021-08-07The inter-institutional impact of digital platform companies on democracy: A case study of the UK media’s digital campaigning coverageKatharine Dommett
New Media & Society
2021-08-08Preparedness to Cope with an Unexpected Crisis. Lessons Learnt by Spanish Regional TV Broadcasting ManagementMiguel Marco-Fondevila, Víctor Orive-Serrano & Pilar Latorre-MartínezInternational Journal on Media Management
2021-08-10Proximate or Primary Source? How Multiple Layers of News Sources on Social Media Predict News InfluenceJeong-woo Jang
Social Science Computer Review
2021-08-11Solution-Oriented media management research: a framework to nurture future impact of the fieldThomas Petzold & Ingo KnuthJournal of Media Business Studies
2021-08-11Are Social Media Worth It for News Media?: Explaining News Engagement on Tumblr and Digital Traffic of News WebsitesDam Hee Kim & Meera DesaiInternational Journal on Media Management
2021-08-11Impacts of Cross-Ownership Between Newspapers and Television on Viewpoint Diversity: Testing One-Owner-One-Voice ThesisChang Sup ParkJournalism Studies
2021-08-11Intensification, discovery and abandonment: Unearthing global ecologies of dis/connection in pandemic timesEmiliano Treré
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-08-11“There’s No Way Abraham Lincoln Could Work at Google”: Fox News and the Politics of Breaking Up Big TechBen Medeiros
Journal of Communication Inquiry
2021-08-11North Korea and the ‘Peace Games’: media representations of sport and politics at the 2018 winter olympicsPeter English & Richard MurrayContinuum
2021-08-11Mass media exposure and disproportional influences on materialistic values and buying impulsiveness among urban youthNan Sook Yu, Jiwon Nam-SpeersSocial Science Quarterly
2021-08-12A Decolonial Approach to the Discipline of Journalism Theory in BrazilOtávio Daros
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-08-12The Australian News Media Bargaining Code: lessons for the UK, EU and beyondKaren Lee & Sacha MolitoriszJournal of Media Law
2021-08-13“What is the News About Journalism?” An Interview with Arnold S. de BeerHerman WassermanAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-08-13Kontrpropaganda today: The roots of RT’s defensive practices and countering ethicElizaveta Kuznetsova
2021-08-13Journalism ethics with Foucault: Casually employed journalists’ constructions of professional integrityMirjam Gollmitzer
2021-08-13News media framing of social protests around racial tensions during the Donald Trump presidencyYotam Ophir, Devin K Forde, Madison Neurohr, Dror Walter, Virginia Massignan
2021-08-14The Ignoring of “People” in the Journalistic Coverage of Economic Crises. The Housing Bubble and the Euro Crisis in SpainÁngel Arrese & Alfonso Vara-MiguelJournalism Practice
2021-08-14Verification of News Video Content: Findings from a Study of Journalism StudentsDimitrios Giomelakis, Olga Papadopoulou, Symeon Papadopoulos & Andreas VeglisJournalism Practice
2021-08-14Being Inside or Outside the Virtuous Circle: How News Media Repertoires Relate to Political Participation RepertoiresSabine Geers, Rens VliegenthartInternational Journal of Communication
2021-08-14Source Credibility Matters: Does Automated Journalism Inspire Selective Exposure?Chenyan Jia, Thomas J. Johnson
International Journal of Communication
2021-08-14The Social Construction of Spanish Public Television: The Role and Function of TVE in a Multiplatform EnvironmentManuel Goyanes, Carmen Costa-Sánchez, Marton DémeterInternational Journal of Communication
2021-08-14On trying to make sense of Pew Research Center data on U.S. news mediaDane S. ClaussenNewspaper Research Journal
2021-08-14Transregional News Media Coverage in Multilingual Countries: The Impact of Market Size, Source, and Media Type in SwitzerlandDaniel Vogler & Linards UdrisJournalism Studies
2021-08-14Constructing a national identity in media editorials to promote affiliation with an international readershipFeifei Liu, Chenguang ChangDiscourse, Context & Media
2021-08-16Framing the Affordable Healthcare Act: Examining Alternative and Mainstream Media ApproachesParomita Pain
Journal of Communication Inquiry
2021-08-17Media-centric or Politics-centric Political Communication Research? Some ReflectionsJesper StrömbäckPolitical Communication
2021-08-17Testing the Connection Between Tertiary Journalism Education and the Rising Number of Female JournalistsBeate Josephi & Martin Oller AlonsoJournalism Practice
2021-08-18 Melchior, Mírian Oliveira
New Media & Society
2021-08-18Understanding Journalist KillingsSabine C. Carey, Anita R. GohdesThe Journal of Politics
2021-08-19Capitalisation of the Media Industry From a Political Economy PerspectiveManfred KnochetripleC
2021-08-19Introduction: Innovations, Transitions and Transformations in Digital Journalism: Algorithmic, Symbolic, and New Forms of JournalismBinakuromo Ogbebor &Cynthia CarterDigital Journalism
2021-08-19Proximity hype as a frame attribute in the reporting on North Korea: Frame strength in competitive contextsLukasz Nowacki
Global Media and Communication
2021-08-20The Critical Juncture of Public and State-Based Noncommercial Media IndustriesJosh Shepperd
Journalism & Communication Monographs
2021-08-20On the Policy and Politics of U.S. Information DiplomacyEmily T. Metzgar
Journalism & Communication Monographs
2021-08-20Surrogacy and Critical Junctures: Toward a Diagnostic of USAGM’s RadiosMonroe E. Price
Journalism & Communication Monographs
2021-08-20Congressional Concerns Over Partisanship and a Lack of Professional Independence: Critical Junctures and the Evolution of U.S. Government Information AgenciesMurendehle Mulheva JuwayeyiJournalism & Communication Monographs
2021-08-20How Constructive News Outlets Reported the Synergistic Effects of Climate Change and Covid-19 Through MetaphorsDimitrinka AtanasovaJournalism Practice
2021-08-21News aggregators and copyright in the European Union and the United States in the digital age: Evolution, comparisons, and implicationsQun Wang,
Susan Keith
First Monday
2021-08-22Linking event archives to news: a computational method for analyzing the gatekeeping processKasper Welbers, Wouter Van Atteveldt, Joe Bajjalieh, Dan Shalmon, Pradnyesh Vineet Joshi, Scott Althaus, Chung-Hong Chan, Hartmut Wessler & Marc JungblutCommunication Methods and Measures
2021-08-23WhatsApp disruptions in Brazil: A content analysis of user and news media responses, 2015–2018Gabriel Pereira, Iago Bueno Bojczuk Camargo, Lisa Parks
Global Media and Communication
2021-08-23How Twitter drives the global news agenda: Tweets from Brazil, Russia, India, China, the UK and US and online discourse about the 2016 US presidential electionJane O’Boyle, Carol J Pardun
Global Media and Communication
2021-08-23Email Newsletters: An Analysis of Content From Nine Top News OrganizationsNatalee Seely, Mary Spillman
Electronic News
2021-08-23The Practice and Presentation of Slow Journalism: A Case Study of Kinfolk MagazineLydia ChengJournalism Practice
2021-08-23How You Watch Television News Matters: A Panel Analysis of Second Screening and Political Learning from the NewsMasahiro Yamamoto,Weina Ran & Shan XuJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-08-23Calling Time Out in Doha: The Seiko Block Camera and Image EthicsDavid Staton
Journal of Communication Inquiry
2021-08-23Attribution of Responsibility for Pick Up Artist Issues in China: The Impacts of Journalist Gender, Geographical Location, and Publication RangeShilin Xia, Tianen ChenJournal of Communication Inquiry
2021-08-24Different pathways to identify moral framing from media content: A response to Hopp and WeberRong Wang & Wenlin LiuCommunication Monographs
2021-08-24Reflections on extracting moral foundations from media contentFrederic R. Hopp & René WeberCommunication Monographs
2021-08-24Exploring Data Visualisations: An Analytical Framework Based on Dimensional Components of Data Artefacts in JournalismFlorian Stalph & Bahareh HeraviDigital Journalism
2021-08-24“If This account is True, It is Most Enormously Wonderful”: Interestingness-If-True and the Sharing of True and False NewsSacha Altay, Emma de Araujo & Hugo MercierDigital Journalism
2021-08-24Journalism beyond the Coup: Emerging Forms of Digital Journalism Practices in Post-Coup ZimbabweAllen Munoriyarwa & Albert ChibuweDigital Journalism
2021-08-24Rational-Critical User Discussions: How Argument Strength and the Conditions Set by News Organizations Are Linked to (Reasoned) DisagreementHanna Marzinkowski & Ines EngelmannDigital Journalism
2021-08-25The International and Post-disciplinary Journey of Political Communication: Reflections on “Media-centric and Politics-centric Views of Media and Democracy: A Longitudinal Analysis of Political Communication and the International Journal of Press/Politics”Cristian VaccariPolitical Communication
2021-08-25Refugee depictions in Dutch Internet newsRoy Konings, Natascha Notten
European Journal of Communication
2021-08-25Visual Mis- and Disinformation, Social Media, and DemocracyViorela Dan, Britt Paris, Joan Donovan, Michael Hameleers, Jon Roozenbeek, Sander van der Linden, Christian von Sikorski
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-08-25When Fringe Hate Goes Mainstream: How White Nationalist Discourse Manifests in Online News CommentingJ. David WolfgangJournal of Communication Inquiry
2021-08-25Suddenly Apart, Yet Still Connected: South African Postgraduate Journalism Students’ Responses to Emergency Remote Teaching and LearningMarenet Jordaan, Anneli Groenewald
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-08-25How Higher Education Faculty in Egypt Perceive the Effects of Covid-19 on Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication: Perspectives From the Global SouthHanan Badr, Sara ElmaghrabyJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-08-25“Going Virtual Helped Me Learn That I Can Handle Everything”: Campus Magazine Production as a High Impact Practice During the COVID-19 PandemicZoe L. Lance, Chelsea J. Reynolds, Ph.D.
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-08-25Transparency in Online Pedagogy: A Critical Analysis of Changing ModalitiesJulianna Kirschner
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-08-25Learning in Times of COVID: Journalism Education in Kashmir, IndiaParomita Pain, Aaliya Ahmed, Malik Zahra Khalid
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-08-25Whose stories are told and who is made responsible? Human-interest framing in health journalism in Norway, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.Tine Ustad Figenschou, Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud, Daniel C Hallin
2021-08-25Foundations of Communication/Media/Digital (In)justiceChristian FuchsJournal of Media Ethics
2021-08-25Investigative Journalism and Media Capture in the Digital AgeJay Pil Choi, Sangwoo YangInformation Economics and Policy
2021-08-26Moving people: Proper distance and global news coverage of migration in 2019Alexa Robertson, Nadja Schaetz
Global Media and Communication
2021-08-26Reporting Under the Microscope in Israel-Palestine and South AfricaMichael TasseronJournalism Practice
2021-08-26White Supremacy on CNN and Fox: AC 360 and Hannity Coverage of the Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ RallyMohammed el-Nawawy & Mohamad Hamas ElmasryJournalism Practice
2021-08-26Journalism and the Politics of MobilityHenrik Örnebring & Amy Schmitz WeissJournalism Studies
2021-08-27Transformation or Continuation? Comparing Journalism in Digital and Legacy Media in ChinaHaiyan WangJournalism Practice
2021-08-27Covering the Wildfire of Mati in Greece: Undermining the Systemic Human Impact on the EnvironmentMinos-Athanasios KaryotakisJournalism Practice
2021-08-27Intermedia Agenda Setting or International News Flow? Cross-Lagged Comparison of Elite International NewspapersShimaa Hassan Ali Mohammed, Maxwell McCombsInternational Journal of Communication
2021-08-27“A Sword of Damocles”: Media Policy, Digital Cultures, and the Discourse of Press Code ReformAnnemarie IddinsInternational Journal of Communication
2021-08-27Membership has its Privileges: Local TV Effort to Control Data and DestinyDeb Wenger
Electronic News
2021-08-27Media coverage of COVID-19 state surveillance in Israel: the securitization and militarization of a civil-medical crisisAvi Marciano, Aya Yadlin
Media, Culture & Society
2021-08-27A digital platform for ethical advertising and hybrid business models for news organizations: are they greening methods for ‘news deserts’?Sergio Sparviero
Media, Culture & Society
2021-08-27Media-centric and Politics-centric Views of Media and Democracy: A Longitudinal Analysis of Political Communication and the International Journal of Press/PoliticsErik P. Bucy & Heather K. EvansPolitical Communication
2021-08-27From space to spatiality: critical spatial discourse analysis as a framework for the geo-graphing of media textsFulya VatanseverCritical Discourse Studies
2021-08-28To Publish or Not to Publish? Assessing Journalism Ethics in News about a Terrorist AttackMarina Ghersetti & Bengt JohanssonJournalism Studies
2021-08-28Media in a Time of Crisis: Newspaper Coverage of Covid-19 in East AsiaColm A. FoxJournalism Studies
2021-08-28Opening the gates: defining a model of intersectional journalismChelsea Peterson-SalahuddinCritical Studies in Media Communication
2021-08-29Reporting on the 2019 European Heatwaves and Climate Change: Journalists’ Attitudes, Motivations and Role PerceptionsNadine Strauss, James Painter, Joshua Ettinger, Marie-Noëlle Doutreix, Anke Wonneberger & Peter WaltonJournalism Practice
2021-08-29The promise and the premise: How digital media present big dataGastón BecerraFirst Monday
2021-08-31Generational Gaps in Media Trust and its Antecedents in EuropeAnna Brosius, Jakob Ohme, Claes H. de VreeseThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-08-31Professional Follow-Up Communication as an Indicator of Public Value: Analyzing Dutch PSM’s Role in Public Debates Through Topic Modelling Newspaper CoverageJoris Veerbeek, Karin van Es, Eggo MüllerJournal of Communication Inquiry
2021-08-31The Tensions of the Cultural News BeatNete Nørgaard Kristensen & Kristina RiegertJournalism Practice
2021-08-31Understanding Influences, Misinformation, and Fact-Checking Concerning Climate-Change Journalism in PakistanWaqas Ejaz, Muhammad Ittefaq & Muhammad ArifJournalism Practice
2021-08-31Soft Power Journalism: A Visual Framing Analysis of COVID-19 on Xinhua and VOA’s Instagram PagesKareem El Damanhoury & Nisha Garud-PaktarDigital Journalism
2021-08-31Navigating Interactive Story Spaces the Architecture of Interactive Narratives in Online JournalismRenée van der Nat, Piet Bakker & Eggo MüllerDigital Journalism
2021-08-31Native Advertising in the Chinese Press: Implications of State Subsidies for Journalist Professional Self-IdentificationDan Wang & Steve Zhongshi GuoDigital Journalism
2021-08-31Sponsored Content in Spanish Media: Strategies, Transparency, and Ethical ConcernsDolors Palau-SampioDigital Journalism
2021-08-31Cautionary Tales: Social Representation of Risk in U.S. Newspaper Coverage of Cyberbullying ExemplarsRachel Young, Li Chen, Ge Zhu & Roma SubramanianJournalism Studies
2021-08-31Generational Gaps in Media Trust and its Antecedents in EuropeAnna Brosius, Jakob Ohme, Claes H. de Vreese
The International Journal of Press/Politics
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