Research of April 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in April 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-04-01Read it on Reddit: Homogeneity and Ideological Segregation in the Age of Social NewsPhilippe A. DuguaySocial Science Computer Review
2021-04-02Willing but wary: Australian women experts’ attitudes to engaging with the news mediaKathryn Shine
2021-04-02Anti-media expression by citizens: conservative summary sites, hostile media perceptions, and media trust in JapanMasahiro Yamamoto, Hyerim Jo & Weina RanInformation, Communication & Society
2021-04-03Digital populism, digital newswork and the concept of journalistic competence: the Philippine conditionPauline Gidget Estella
Media International Australia
2021-04-04Influenced by Media Brands? A Conjoint Experiment on the Effect of Media Brands on Online Media Planners’ Decision-MakingMonia Kouki-Block &Christian-Mathias WellbrockJournal of Media Business Studies
2021-04-04Does a Speaker’s (In)formal Role in News Media Shape Perceptions of Political Incivility?Bethany Anne Conway &Robin StrykerJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-04-05Online Social Endorsement and Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in the United KingdomAndrew Chadwick, Johannes Kaiser, Cristian Vaccari, Daniel Freeman, Sinéad Lambe, Bao S. Loe, Samantha Vanderslott, Stephan Lewandowsky, Meghan Conroy, Andrew R. N. Ross, Stefania Innocenti, Andrew J. Pollard, Felicity Waite, Michael Larkin, Laina Rosebrock, Lucy Jenner, Helen McShane, Alberto Giubilini, Ariane Petit, Ly-Mee Yu
Social Media + Society
2021-04-05Yvonne Nelson and the heroic myth of Yaa Asantewaa: a discourse-mythological case study of a Ghanaian celebrityMark NarteyCritical Studies in Media Communication
2021-04-05External Interference in a Hybrid Media EnvironmentIlmari HiltunenJournalism Practice
2021-04-05Conjecturing Fearful Futures: Journalistic Discourses on DeepfakesKarin Wahl-Jorgensen &Matt CarlsonJournalism Practice
2021-04-05Reporting Conflict from Afar: Journalists, Social Media, Communication Technologies, and WarBritt Christensen & Ali KhalilJournalism Practice
2021-04-05“It’s the Best Job on the Paper” – The Courts Beat During the Journalism CrisisRichard JonesJournalism Practice
2021-04-05Negotiating the Conversation: How Journalists Learn to Interact with Audiences OnlineFiona Martin & Colleen MurrellJournalism Practice
2021-04-05The “Hierarchy of Credibility” among Economic Experts: Journalists’ Perceptions of Experts with Varying Institutional AffiliationsTimo HarjuniemiJournalism Practice
2021-04-05Transparency in the News: The Impact of Self-Disclosure and Process Disclosure on the Perceived Credibility of the Journalist, the Story, and the OrganizationKirsten A. Johnson & Burton St. John IIIJournalism Studies
2021-04-05Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery. Or Is It? The Effects of Exposure to SNL Parody on Perceptions of The ViewAmy B. BeckerJournalism Studies
2021-04-05The putative addressee in the persuasion of diplomatic discourse: China’s communication efforts through South African English-language newspapersLiping Tang
Discourse & Communication
2021-04-05Mistake or Manipulation? Conceptualizing Perceived Mis- and Disinformation among News Consumers in 10 European CountriesMichael Hameleers, Anna Brosius, Franziska Marquart, Andreas C. Goldberg, Erika van Elsas, Claes H. de VreeseCommunication Research
2021-04-06Is There Ethnic Othering in Newspapers’ Coverage of Farmers/Herders Conflict in Nigeria?Chidiebere A. Nwachukwu, Ijeoma Dorathy Ajaero, Joel Ugwuoke & Nkiru OdikpoAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-04-06Critical Theory and Being Critical: Connections and ContradictionsRobert E. Gutsche, Jr.Media and Communication
2021-04-06The Commodification of Virtual Community Content in Increasing Media TrafficTuti WidiastutiMedia and Communication
2021-04-06Making Watergate “Look Like Child’s Play”: The Solyndra Discourse (2011–2012) as FlakBrian Michael GossMedia and Communication
2021-04-06Reengineering Journalism: Product Manager as News Industry Institutional EntrepreneurAllie KosterichDigital Journalism
2021-04-06Shareworthiness and Motivated Reasoning in Hyper-Partisan News Sharing Behavior on TwitterMagdalena Wischnewski, Axel Bruns & Tobias KellerDigital Journalism
2021-04-06“It’s in the Air”—Sponsored Editorial Content as a Path for Stealth Government Propaganda: The Case of Israeli MediaAnat BalintDigital Journalism
2021-04-06Trust over Use: Examining the Roles of Media Use and Media Trust on Misperceptions in the 2016 US Presidential ElectionMyiah J. Hutchens, Jay D. Hmielowski, Michael A. Beam & Ekaterina RomanovaMass Communication and Society
2021-04-07What Makes Gun Violence a (Less) Prominent Issue? A Computational Analysis of Compelling Arguments and Selective Agenda SettingLei Guo, Kate Mays, Yiyan Zhang, Derry Wijaya & Margrit BetkeMass Communication and Society
2021-04-07The Oklahoma City Bombing: Institutional Practices by Journalists Covering the Biggest Story of Their LivesRaymond McCaffreyJournalism Practice
2021-04-07Collaborating in a Pandemic: Adapting Local News Infrastructure to Meet Information NeedsAndrea D. Wenzel Letrell CrittendenJournalism Practice
2021-04-07Achieving discourse truth in doing affiliated news interviewsDebing Feng
2021-04-08Critical Moments of Coordination in NewsworkOscar Westlund & Mats EkströmJournalism Practice
2021-04-08Complexity, Objectivity, and Shifting Roles: Environmental Correspondents March to a Changing BeatDavid Robbins & Dawn WheatleyJournalism Practice
2021-04-08Older people’s news dependency and social connectednessCaroline Fisher, Sora Park, Jee Young Lee, Kate Holland, Emma John
Media International Australia
2021-04-08An intersectional approach to media coverage of politics in New Zealand: the case of Metiria Turei and Paula BennettFlora Galy-Badenas, F Elizabeth Gray, Fiona CassidyMedia International Australia
2021-04-08Picturing destruction at home and abroad: a comparative visual analysis of icons and news values during disasterTJ Thomson
Media International Australia
2021-04-08Media coverage and public perceptions of the THAAD event in China, the United States, and South Korea: a cross-national network agenda-setting studyQiaolei Jiang, Yang Cheng & Sung Kyum ChoChinese Journal of Communication
2021-04-08Effects of News and Threat Perceptions on Americans’ COVID-19 Precautionary BehaviorsRebecca (Riva) Tukachinsky Forster & Megan A. VendemiaCommunication Reports
2021-04-08Now more than ever: CITAMS's contributions to a pandemic societyAndrew M. Lindner, Jenny L. Davis,Tyler Burgese, Phoenicia Fares, Kenneth R. Hanson, Tyler Leeds, Rocio Leon & Muyang LiInformation, Communication & Society
2021-04-08Brian Shoesmith’s contributions to Bangladesh’s media and cultural studiesFahmidul HaqContinuum
2021-04-09The Caracal murder – content analysis of the media coverage of one of the most violent gender-based homicides in Romania’s recent historyMaria Cernat & Iulia HașdeuFeminist Media Studies
CrossRef citations to date
Research Article
The Values of Print: Affordances and Sensemaking for Newspaper Consumers
Shuhua Zhou, Damon Kiesow & Lei Guo
Journalism Practice
2021-04-09From One Division of Labor to the Other: The Relation between Beat Reporting, Freelancing, and Journalistic AutonomySarah Van Leuven, Bart Vanhaelewyn & Karin RaeymaeckersJournalism Practice
2021-04-09Media ownership transparency in Europe: Closing the gap between European aspiration and domestic realityRachael Craufurd Smith, Beata Klimkiewicz, Alina Ostling
European Journal of Communication
2021-04-09Demagogic populism and media system: A preliminary articulationPaul K JonesEuropean Journal of Communication
2021-04-09The semiotics of visual and textual legitimacy in the 2014 Gaza warMichael TasseronSocial Semiotics
2021-04-10Patrick D. MurphyPopular Communication
2021-04-10High-reliability organizing and communication during naturalistic decision making: U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) forecasting teams’ use of ‘floating’Arden C. Roeder, Ryan S. Bisel &William T. HoweJournal of Applied Communication Research
2021-04-11Familiar felons: Gendered characterisations and narrative tropes in media representations of offending women 1905–2015Tua Sandman
Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
2021-04-12On digital slow journalism in Spanish: An overview of ten media cases from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and SpainBeatriz Zabalondo, Alazne Aiestaran, Carmen Peñafiel
2021-04-12The Trust Gap: Young People's Tactics for Assessing the Reliability of Political NewsJoëlle Swart, Marcel Broersma
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-04-12The Heterogeneous Effects of Government Size and Press Freedom on Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa: Method of Moment Quantile Regression ApproachGeorge B. AmegaviThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-04-12Digital material value: Designing emerging technologiesDebora Lanzeni, Sarah Pink
New Media & Society
2021-04-12Misinformation Concerns and Online News Participation among internet Users in IndiaTaberez Ahmed Neyazi, Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Rasmus K. Nielsen
Social Media + Society
2021-04-12Hashtag Wars: Political Disinformation and Discursive Struggles on Twitter Conversations During the 2018 Brazilian Presidential CampaignFelipe Bonow Soares, Raquel Recuero
Social Media + Society
2021-04-12Actors, Partisan Inclination, and Emotions: An Analysis of Government Shutdown News Stories Shared on TwitterColin Agur, Lanhuizi Gan
Social Media + Society
2021-04-12Experiencing Algorithms: How Young People Understand, Feel About, and Engage With Algorithmic News Selection on Social MediaJoëlle Swart
Social Media + Society
2021-04-12Intersectional Technopolitics in Social Movement and Media ActivismSandra JeppesenInternational Journal of Communication
2021-04-12Actors, Partisan Inclination, and Emotions: An Analysis of Government Shutdown News Stories Shared on TwitterColin Agur, Lanhuizi Gan
Social Media + Society
2021-04-12Crime or culture? Representations of chemsex in the British press and magazines aimed at GBTQ+ menFrazer Heritage & Paul BakerCritical Discourse Studies
2021-04-12“Brave New World” of Fake News: How it WorksJoão Pedro Baptista & Anabela GradimJavnost - The Public
2021-04-13Who is the ‘Villain Of The Piece’?Theodora A. ManiouMedia History
2021-04-13Exclusion in #MeToo India: rethinking inclusivity and intersectionality in Indian digital feminist movementsNarayanamoorthy NandithaFeminist Media Studies
2021-04-13Automated Tracking Approaches for Studying Online Media Use: A Critical Review and RecommendationsClara Christner, Aleksandra Urman , Silke Adam & Michaela MaierCommunication Methods and Measures
2021-04-13Offshoring & leaking: Cristiano Ronaldo’s tax evasion, and celebrity in neoliberal timesAna Jorge,Mercè Oliva & Luis LM AguiarPopular Communication
2021-04-14Correcting misinformation using theory-driven messages: HPV vaccine misperceptions, information seeking, and the moderating role of reflectionPorismita Borah, Sojung Kim, Xizhu Xiao & Danielle Ka Lai LeeAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-04-14Affective Affordances: Exploring Facebook Reactions as Emotional Responses to Hyperpartisan Political NewsHeloisa Sturm Wilkerson, Martin J. Riedl & Kelsey N. WhippleDigital Journalism
2021-04-14Where Local Meets Plethora: Media Usage and Community Integration in Rural Communities
Meredith MetzlerMass Communication and Society
2021-04-14How Does Local TV News Change Viewers’ Attitudes?The Case of Sinclair BroadcastingMatthew S. LevenduskyPolitical Communication
2021-04-14(Why) does comment presentation order matter for the effects of user comments? Assessing the role of the availability heuristic and the bandwagon heuristicAnna Sophie Kümpel & Julian UnkelCommunication Research Reports
2021-04-15Toward ‘Cultures of Engagement’? An exploratory comparison of engagement patterns on Facebook news postsRaul Ferrer-Conill, Michael Karlsson, Mario Haim, Aske Kammer, Dag Elgesem, Helle Sjøvaag
Helle Sjøvaag

New Media & Society
2021-04-15Incidental Exposure and News Engagement: Testing Temporal Order and the Role of Political InterestMatthew BarnidgeDigital Journalism
2021-04-15Coping with Occupational Stress in Journalism: Professional Identities and Advocacy as ResourcesSallie Hughes, Laura Iesue, Hilda Fernández de Ortega Bárcenas, Judith Cruz Sandoval & José Carlos LozanoJournalism Studies
2021-04-15Inside or out? Perceptions of how Differing Types of Comment Moderation Impact PracticePatrick Ferrucci & J. David WolfgangJournalism Studies
2021-04-15The Role of the News Media in Fighting Corruption Practices: A Case Study of SpainAnna M. Palau & Jesús PalomoJournalism Studies
2021-04-16How is journalism defined in university handbooks? A conceptual analysis of students’ literature, examples of Russia and BelarusMarina Zagidullina, Natallia Fedotova, Vera Antropova, Vasilii Fedorov, Marina Lebedzeva, Elena Panova, Andrei Patrebin
2021-04-16Finishing the story: Narrative ritual in news coverage of the Umpqua Community College shootingKathleen I Alaimo
2021-04-16What drives selection of online children’s news articles?Jonathan van’t Riet, Mariska Kleemans
2021-04-16Journalistic Power: Constructing the “Truth” and the Economics of ObjectivityGino CanellaJournalism Practice
2021-04-16Joining the Team: Metajournalistic Discourse, Paradigm Repair, the Athletic and Sports Journalism PracticePatrick FerrucciJournalism Practice
2021-04-16There can be only one truth: Ideological segregation and online news communities in UkraineAleksandra Urman, Mykola Makhortykh
Global Media and Communication
2021-04-17‘MAKING THE PAPER COME ALIVE’: Entertainment, Emotion, and Newspaper Reading Groups in the People’s Republic of China (1951–1955)Donald Santacaterina Media History
2021-04-17The Sound Portrait of a DictatorSalvador Gómez-García, Juan Martín-Quevedo & Raquel Quevedo-RedondoMedia History
2021-04-17“Millennials as working class”: El Rey Network and the politics of race, class, and genderBenjamin M. HanCritical Studies in Media Communication
2021-04-18“Looking from the Outside in”: A Study on the International Media Coverage and Framing of Nigeria's 2019 General ElectionAdeola Abdulateef Elega, Felix Adedamola Oloyede & Bahire Efe ÖzadAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-04-18The influence of exposure to educational science television on U.S. parents’ science explanations to their childrenJames Alex BonusJournal of Applied Communication Research
2021-04-19World-ready: A Journalism Capstone Unit Model with International Focus in a Pandemic and Post-pandemic LandscapeLaura Glitsos
Asia Pacific Media Educator
2021-04-19Haunting juxtapositions: gender, Covid-19, and the conservative modernSara TafakoriFeminist Media Studies
2021-04-19Hard News Revisited: A Case Study of Various Approaches to an Incident at a Primary School as Reflected in the MediaNATALIYA PANASENKO, PETER KRAJČOVIČ AND HALYNA STASHKOCommunication Today
2021-04-19International Obligations on Atmosphere and Climate Protection in Media Discourse: Propaganda Models of Russian and US MediaNADEZHDA RADINA AND SOFYA BOBKOVACommunication Today
2021-04-19Schadenfreude After Watching the News: How Audiences Respond to Media Coverage of Partisans Disclosing IllnessesJessica Gall Myrick, PhD, Jin Chen, MA
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-04-19Does News Frame Affect Free Movement Attitudes? A Comparative AnalysisNora Theorin, Christine E. Meltzer, Sebastian Galyga, Jesper Strömbäck, Christian Schemer, Jakob-Moritz Eberl, Fabienne Lind, Tobias Heidenreich, Hajo G. BoomgaardenJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-04-19Conceptualizing the Experiential Affordances of Watching Online TVMarika Lüders, Vilde Schanke Sundet
Television & New Media
2021-04-19War misguidance: Visualizing quagmire in the US War in AfghanistanMarnie Ritchie
Media, War & Conflict
2021-04-19The relationship between media use, perceptions and regime preference in post-Arab Spring countriesAlbaraa F Altourah, Khin Wee Chen, Ali A Al-Kandari
Global Media and Communication
2021-04-19Gratifications and readership of women’s magazines in South AfricaThérèse Roux
Global Media and Communication
2021-04-19Exposure to Terrorism-related News: Associations with Beliefs about Terrorism and Self-protective ActionLacey N. WallaceCommunication Studies
2021-04-20The case for reviewing broadcasting co-regulationKaren Lee, Derek Wilding
Media International Australia
2021-04-20Marie-Soleil FrèreBruce Mutsvairo &Mirjam de BruijnAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-04-20PR-Driven Journalism Model: The Case of EthiopiaJemal MohammedAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-04-20Liquid Disinformation Tactics: Overcoming Social Media Countermeasures through Misleading ContentRicardo Ribeiro FerreiraJournalism Practice
2021-04-20Why is a minority continuing to decline? The representation of female MPs on Polish political commentary programmes, 2015–2019Beata Królicka, Radosław Sojak & Andrzej MelerFeminist Media Studies
2021-04-20Mobilization, Mass Perceptions, and (Dis)information: “New” and “Old” Media Consumption Patterns and ProtestOlga Onuch, Emma Mateo, Julian G. Waller
Social Media + Society
2021-04-20Tone variation in financial news: A comparison of companies, journalists and financial analystsIrene Pollach, Lea Vindvad Hansen
European Journal of Communication
2021-04-20Competing discourses and cultural intelligibility: Familicide, gender and the mental illness/distress frame in newsDenise Buiten, Georgia Coe
Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
2021-04-20Selective sharing of news items and the political position of news outletsJulian Freitag, Anna Kerkhof, Johannes MünsterInformation Economics and Policy
2021-04-20News videos consumption in an age of new media: a comparison between adolescents and adultsHila Lowenstein-Barkai & Azi Lev-onJournal of Children and Media
2021-04-21Media in the News: How Australia’s Media Beat Covered Two Major Journalism Change EventsLawrie Zion, Merryn Sherwood, Penny O’Donnell, Timothy Marjoribanks, Matthew Ricketson, Andrew Dodd, Mark Deuze & Bradley Buller Journalism Practice
2021-04-21Reality on the Ground: Exploring News Production Practices by Syrian Journalists in Times of ConflictTania Ouariachi & Lidia PeraltaJournalism Practice
2021-04-21Fit for Purpose? Exploring the Role of Freedom of Information Laws and Their Application for Watchdog JournalismMária ŽuffováThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-04-21Eudaimonic Media in Lived Experience: Retrospective Responses to Eudaimonic vs. Non-Eudaimonic FilmsJared M. Ott, Naomi Q. P. Tan & Michael D. SlaterMass Communication and Society
2021-04-21Using computational tools to support journalists’ creativitySuzanne Franks, Rebecca Wells, Neil Maiden, Konstantinos Zachos
2021-04-21Developing a COVID-19 Crisis Management Strategy Using News Media and Social Media in Big Data AnalyticsYoung-Eun Park
Social Science Computer Review
2021-04-22Entendendo o que confiança nas notícias significa para os usuários: evidências qualitativas de quatro paísesDr Benjamin Toff
Dr Sumitra Badrinathan
Dr Camila Mont'Alverne
Dr Amy Ross Arguedas
Dr Richard Fletcher
Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-04-22Escuchando lo que la confianza en las noticias significa para los usuarios: evidencias cualitativas de cuatro paísesDr Benjamin Toff
Dr Sumitra Badrinathan
Dr Camila Mont'Alverne
Dr Amy Ross Arguedas
Dr Richard Fletcher
Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-04-22Listening to what trust in news means to users: qualitative evidence from four countriesDr Benjamin Toff
Dr Sumitra Badrinathan
Dr Camila Mont'Alverne
Dr Amy Ross Arguedas
Dr Richard Fletcher
Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-04-22Codes of conduct for algorithmic news recommendation: The Yandex. News controversy in RussiaFrançoise Daucé,
Benjamin Loveluck
First Monday
2021-04-22 Are byline biases an issue of the past? The effect of author’s gender and emotion norm prescriptions on the evaluation of news articles on gender equalityLeyla Dogruel, Sven Joeckel, Claudia Wilhelm
2021-04-22Believing and sharing misinformation, fact-checks, and accurate information on social media: The role of anxiety during COVID-19Isabelle Freiling, Nicole M Krause, Dietram A Scheufele, Dominique Brossard
New Media & Society
2021-04-22Journalist, Advertiser or Both: Reevaluating Legal Distinctions Between Journalistic and Commercial Speech in the Networked EraJared Schroeder &Monica ChadhaCommunication Law and Policy
2021-04-23‘Journalism Alongside’: A Reflection on Teaching Journalism Through Community EngagementTara Ross
Asia Pacific Media Educator
2021-04-23#Metoo in China: transnational feminist politics in the Chinese contextShan Huang & Wanning SunFeminist Media Studies
2021-04-23Arab women’s activism in a transnational media landscape: negotiating gendered spacesTamara KharroubFeminist Media Studies
2021-04-24GhostKate MaddalenaCanadian Journal of Communication
2021-04-24“I am against Americanizing England. Ordinary TV does not seem to have an elevating influence”: class, gender, public anxiety, and the responses to the arrival of commercial television in the Mass Observation Archive, UKHelen Wood & Jilly Boyce KayFeminist Media Studies
2021-04-24Guided by the Grid: Raising Attention with the Rule of ThirdsMichael Koliska & Klive (Soo-Kwang) OhJournalism Practice
2021-04-25The influence of perceived positive and negative effects of election polling news on voters’ behaviors through pride and anxietyHyunjung KimAsian Journal of Communication
2021-04-25The head and heart of news avoidance: How attitudes about the news media relate to levels of news consumptionStephanie Edgerly
2021-04-26Audience Perspectives on Paying for Local News: A Regional Qualitative Case StudyAngela Ross, Libby Lester & Claire KonkesJournalism Studies
2021-04-26The Imagined Audience for News: Where Does a Journalist’s Perception of the Audience Come From?Mark Coddington, Seth C. Lewis & Valerie Belair-GagnonJournalism Studies
2021-04-26Female entrepreneurs in digital journalismFrancisco Javier Caro-González, Isadora Sánchez-Torné & Macarena Pérez-SuárezJournal of Media Business Studies
2021-04-26Changing the Beat? Local Online Newsmaking in Finland, France, Germany, Portugal, and the U.KJoy Jenkins & Pedro JeronimoJournalism Practice
2021-04-26New Gatekeepers in Town: How Groups in Social Networking Sites Influence Information Flows in Russia’s ProvincesOlga Dovbysh
Social Media + Society
2021-04-27“This is oil country:” mediated transnational girlhood, Greta Thunberg, and patriarchal petroculturesJessalynn KellerFeminist Media Studies
2021-04-27The BBC School Broadcasting Council and the Education System 1935–1971Steven BarclayMedia History
2021-04-27Death Across the News Spectrum: A Time Series Analysis of Partisan Coverage Following Mass Shootings in the United States Between 2012 and 2014Ayellet Pelled, Josephine Lukito, Jordan Foley, Yini Zhang, Zhongkai Sun, Jon C.W. Pevehouse, Dhavan V. ShahInternational Journal of Communication
2021-04-27Covering Populist Media Criticism: When Journalists’ Professional Norms Turn Against ThemAyala PanievskyInternational Journal of Communication
2021-04-28Discursive Media Institutionalism: Assessing Vivien A. Schmidt’s Framework and Its Value for Media and Communication StudiesSarah Anne Ganter, Maria Löblich
International Journal of Communication
2021-04-28Anatomy of a precarious newsroom: precarity and agency in Syrian exiled journalism in TurkeyYazan Badran, Kevin SmetsMedia, Culture & Society
2021-04-28Defending the Profession: U.S. Journalists’ Role Understanding in the Era of Fake NewsMi Rosie Jahng, Stine Eckert & Jade Metzger-RiftkinJournalism Practice
2021-04-28Aroused Argumentation: How the News Exacerbates Motivated ReasoningMing M. Boyer
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-04-28Health literacy and information seeking and sharing during a public health crisis in ChinaJunhan Chen & Yuan WangAsian Journal of Communication
2021-04-29Online Incidental Exposure to News Can Minimize Interest-Based Political Knowledge Gaps: Evidence from Two U.S. ElectionsBrian E. Weeks, Daniel S. Lane, Lauren B. Hahn
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-04-29Who’s to Fear? Implicit Sexual Threat Pre and Post the “Refugee Crisis”Anne C. Kroon &Toni G. L. A. van der MeerJournalism Practice
2021-04-29Media Use and Well-being: Understanding the Interplay in the Context of Tibetan Youth in India Amid COVID-19 CrisisPradeep Nair, Deepak Kumar Vaishnav
Asia Pacific Media Educator
2021-04-29Weaving Mediation and Embodiment: The Media Ethnographer as Figurations of MediationFrédérik Lesage, Alberto LusoliInternational Journal of Communication
2021-04-29(Mis)informed During COVID-19: How Education Level and Information Sources Contribute to Knowledge GapsTiziano Gerosa, Marco Gui, Eszter Hargittai, Minh Hao NguyenInternational Journal of Communication
2021-04-29Women in the Nordic Resistance Movement and their online media practices: between internalised misogyny and “embedded feminism”Tina AskaniusFeminist Media Studies
2021-04-29Introduction: the dynamics of digital communication in the Philippines: legacies and potentialsJozon A Lorenzana, Cheryll Ruth R Soriano
Media International Australia
2021-04-29Critical Discourse StudiesSamuel Parker,Sophie Bennett,Chyna Mae Cobden &Deborah EarnshawCritical Discourse Studies
2021-04-30„Neu ist nicht gleich innovativ“ – Medieninnovationskonzept reloadedNader MoinzadehPublizistik
2021-04-30Researching audiences in Surabaya: an initial engagement with Brian Shoesmith to study the Indonesian television audience (1993-1995)Rachmah IdaContinuum
2021-04-30Friend or foe? Human journalists’ perspectives on artificial intelligence in Chinese media outletsYang Yu & Kuo HuangChinese Journal of Communication
2021-04-30Authoritarian downgrading, (self)censorship and new media activism after the Arab SpringKylie Moore-Gilbert, Zainab Abdul-Nabi
New Media & Society
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