REPORT: Mapping the path to an integrated newsroom

Untitled by Unsplash, licence CC0 1.0

The European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) report on media integration has been published. The Integration Media Production Strategies (IMPS) project visited nine public service broadcasters in eight countries to research practices and challenges they face in developing integrated media production. The report is focused especially on the experiences of the broadcasters’ news departments.

Among the findings of the study is a 10-point list of factors contributing to successful integration. The points vary from the obvious (such as training) to the novel (such as moving power away from head editors). The report recognizes both the benefits and downsides of integration. For example, it increases efficiency and output, with the cost of disorientation among staff and increasingly laborious coordination.

The report, Media integration: IMPS key findings from visits to EBU Members, is freely available online.

Picture: Untitled by Unsplash, licence CC0 1.0.

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