Online first: Convergence both unavoidable and unwanted, feel public broadcast journalists

Public broadcast journalists in four European newsrooms consider convergence to be inevitable, yet they still resist change, write Ainara Larrondo, of University of the Basque Country, David Domingo, of the Free University of Brussels, Ivar John Erdal of Volda University College, Pere Masip, of University Ramon Llul and Hilde Van den Bulck, of University of Antwerp. The authors used a variety of qualitative methods to compare the different ways convergence manifested in publicly funded news organizations.

The authors credit the inertia of convergence to long-standing journalistic identities and legacy organizational structures. True multiskilling turned out to be rare, where as convergence usually meant more mindful and cooperative attitude towards journalist colleagues in different departments. In addition to these observations, the authors provide glimpses of the various forms convergence has taken in different newsrooms.

The study was published as an online first article of the journal Journalism Studies. It can be accessed online here (abstract public).

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