MEVI2016: Trust in the globalized media

Andrew Chadwick giving his keynote speech at MEVI16, courtesy of Turo Uskali

The Finnish Conference for Media and Communication Research began on Friday 8 April. It takes place in Helsinki, Finland and lasts until Saturday afternoon. The conference is themed around trust in the media, and the lack thereof.

The keynote speakers to the event are Andrew Chadwick of University of London, and Gunn Enli of University of Oslo. The conference also features workshops and panel discussions, some of which are in Finnish.

Keynote: “Media, Engagement, and Political Power Today: Rebalancing the Information-Action Ratio”

Andrew Chadwick gave a keyote speech on Friday 8 April on media engagement and political power. Watch it from the video below.

The presentation is also available in pdf-format from the Mevi2016 website:

chadwick keynote slides

Keynote: “Authenticity as a Currency: Negotiations of Trust in Broadcast and Digital Media”

Gunn Enli gave a keynote speech on Saturday 9 April on authenticity and trust in the media. The presentation is available in pdf format from Slideshare and the Mevi2016 website:

enli keynote slides

Further information of the event is available at its website, here. The Twitter hashtag for the conference is #Mevi2016.

Edited on 8.4.2016: A misspelled Twitter hashtag for the conference was replaced with the correct #Mevi2016
Edited on 8.4.2016: Added the video of Andrew Chadwick’s keynote speech.
Edited on 14.4.2016: Added links to presentations

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