Disruptive sources, PR and morality of television genres

Snowden in Bochum by Maik Meid, licence: CC BY-SA 2.0

New issue of The Journal of Mass Media Ethics has been published. There are some interesting articles for journalism enthusiasts as well. For example Ed Wasserman, of University of California, examines the journalist–source relationship in the era of “disruptive” sources.

In this issue The Journal of Mass Media Ethics also publishes case studies in which scholars and media professionals analyze a particular ethical problem drawn from actual experience. Check for example the case study “Advertising, News Coverage, and Autoplay” by Aaron Hess, of Arizona State University.

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Edward Wasserman: Safeguarding the News in the Era of Disruptive Sources

Thomas Hove & Hye-Jin Paek: The Personal Dimensions of Public Relations Ethical Dilemmas

Helena Bilandzic, Matthias R. Hastall & Freya Sukalla: The Morality of Television Genres: Norm Violations and Their Narrative Context in Four Popular Genres of Serial Fiction

Marlene S. Neill: Ethics Education in Public Relations: Differences Between Stand-Alone Ethics Courses and an Integrated Approach[/spoiler]

The issue is available here.

Picture: Snowden in Bochum by Maik Meid, licence: CC BY-SA 2.0

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