CFP | 03.04. | Surveillance: Through media, by media, in media

Northern Lights is calling for submissions for theme issue called Surveillance: Through media, by media, in media. The editors  invite articles that critically analyze and discuss the role of media in various forms of monitoring and surveillance in society.

Themes include (but are not restricted to):

  • Surveillance aesthetics in (audio)visual media
  • Surveillance and privacy
  • Surveillance and social media platforms
  • Media historical perspectives on monitoring and surveillance
  • Analyses of systems of monitoring and surveillance in relation to digital media
  • Distinctions between audience analysis and surveillance
  • Media coverage of surveillance post-Snowden
  • Analysis of attitudes to surveillance and monitoring by different groups of new media users
  • Sousveillance and the critique of power
  • Panspectric practices in marketing
  • The role of big data in surveillance systems

Deadline for abstract submissios is on 3 April 2017. Further information is available here.

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