CFP | 25.03. | Media, Identity, and Online Communities in a Changing Arab World

New Media & Society is calling for papers for a special issue called Media, Identity, and Online Communities in a Changing Arab World. This issue will examine the role of new media in the construction of online communities in the Arab world.

[spoiler title=’Here are some suggested themes for articles’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]

  • Theorization of the Online Arab Public Sphere
  • User-generated Content and Participatory Cultures
  • New Media and Social Movement Theory in the Context of the Arab Uprisings
  • Arab Spring and the Mobilizing Potential of New Media
  • Media Convergence and Citizen Journalism after the “Arab Spring”
  • The Political-Cultural Division in the Public Sphere
  • Network Cultural Production in the Digital age
  • Digital Divide and Participation in the Public Sphere
  • New Media and the Construction of New Arab Identities
  • Regulation Policies and Standardization Processes, and Their Impact on Institutional and Individual Uses of Technology[/spoiler]

Deadline for proposals is March 25 2017. The full CFP can be found here.

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