CFP | 1.3.2018 | Journal issue on populist politics and media

The journal Research & Development, which is housed at the Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla – Colombia) has an open call for papers for a special issue is open: “Politics, culture and communication in the populist momento,” which will be published in the second half of 2018.

In order to present different points of view and reflect on these dynamics, we decided to edit a special issue dedicated to the analysis of the political, cultural, and media implications of these trends. We invite researchers to offer manuscripts describing this phenomenon either in a national context, or by comparing its characteristics and implications between countries, in an international context. For example, some topics such as the following might be addressed:

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  • Falsified and false news
  • Opposition to expertise
  • Emphasis on emotion rather than rationality or logic
  • Lack of credibility in conventional political parties
  • The re-enchantment of modern society
  • The political power of religious organizations and movements and the assertion of morality as the foundation of politics.
  • The crisis of traditional journalism
  • The rise of new social movements as political formations; and
  • The uses of social media and networks to create or strengthen echo chambers


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  • The case of the political campaign and the triumph of ‘NO’ in the 2016 Colombian plebiscite on a peace agreement with the FARC.
  • The political campaign and triumph the ‘YES’ in the British referendum of 2016 on exiting the EU
  • Bepe Grillo in Italy
  • Geert Wilders in the Netherlands
  • The impeachment of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil.
  • Political and media management of Chavismo in Venezuela.
  • The political campaign and triumph of Donald Trump in the United States.


Submissions may be in Spanish, Portuguese, or English. They must be made through the magazine’s platform, according to the rules and instructions for the authors in the following link.

The deadline for receipt of articles is March 1, 2018.

Once you have submitted your item via the platform, please send an email to [email protected] and [email protected], with a copy to [email protected], indicating the title of the article sent and its author or authors. In the subject line please indicate CALL FOR COMMUNICATION – POLITICS – POPULATION.

More information available at the journal’s website.

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