CFP | 8.1.2018 | Making sense of “anti-reality doctrines”

A conference entitled “The Condition of Contradiction: Implications for Globalization, Identity & Culture” is calling for paper proposals. The event will take place in Madrid, Spain, on the 13th and 14th of April 2018. It is organised by the Saint Louis University and hosted by its Madrid campus.

The conference theme revolves around the contradictions of modern world, for example the contrast between global economy but limited personal mobility. Simultaneously, “knowledge industries” like journalism have suffered a decline in the authority they command. In order to “make sense of the current condition”, the organisers invite contributions on a number of topics, among them:

  • Protest Politics
  • Contradictions in New Media: Theory and Practice
  • Activism & Quests for Social Justice
  • Journalism: Its Defenders and Impersonators

Paper abstracts must be submitted by January 25th 2018.

Further information is available on the conference website.

Edited on 15.1.2018: The conference deadline was extended from January 8 to January 25.

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