CFP | 31.5. | International perspectives on post-truth (and) populism

Editors of a book invite submissions of chapter proposals.

The idea of post-truth has become increasingly important in describing today’s political life, particularly (but not exclusively) – as applied to the fields of political communication and political theory. The concept itself is intended to refer to, depending on interpretation, the primacy of unverified or outright fabricated claims in political debate, lack of general regard for truth within contemporary societies, dominance of emotion at the expense of knowledge etc. Likewise, the evaluation of the post-truth condition ranges from outright rejection to acquiescence to dramatic scaremongering.

The aim of the volume is treefold:

1) to better understand the varied manifestations of post-truth across regional and national contexts, overcoming the focus on Brexit and Trump;
2) to explore the relationship between post-truth and various manifestations of populism (as well as emerging political leaders, parties and movements in consolidated democracies);
3) to explore the ‘post’-ness of post-truth in order to establish whether there has indeed been a radical break with something that preceded it.

The editors encourage diversity of regional perspectives and methodological approaches and welcome submissions from across the disciplines of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts.

Proposal should consist of a title, an abstract of 500 words, and a short biography of the author. The deadline for submission is 31 May 2018.

Editors of the volume are Flavio Chiapponi (University of Pavia) and Ignas Kalpokas (Vytautas Magnus University and LCC International University).

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