CFP | 30.9. | Populism and the media across Europe

The journal Central European Journal of Communication is calling for papers for its special issue on “Populism and the Media Across Europe”. For this special issue the journal invites submissions that explore relations between populist actors, media and citizens.

[spoiler title=’Particularly, we seek papers addressing the following questions: ‘ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]

  • What role does the traditional and online/social media play in spreading populist messages?
  • How do journalists perceive and approach populist actors?
  • How much attention does the media pay to populist political actors and messages?
  • What strategies do populist actors use to gain media attention?
  • What are the political and social consequences of mediatization of populist political communication?
  • What are the effects of populist messages on their audiences, in particular public sentiment towards controversial issues, and the vote?[/spoiler]

The Call for Papers welcomes papers focusing on one or more of these aspects. Comparative approaches are highly welcome.

Original manuscripts no longer than 45,000 characters (notes and reference list included) should be submitted by 30 September 2018.

Link to full call for papers on the ECREA mailing list.

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