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Journal of Alternative and Community Media special issue “The “Other” Alternatives: Political Right-Wing Media On- and Offline” is calling for papers.

This special issue of the Journal of Alternative and Community Media focusses on Alternative Right-Wing Media which is published online as well as offline to close the research gap in the right-wing media spectrum.

[spoiler title=’Possible papers could focus on questions such as:’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]

• How do right-wing media represent themselves? Do they emphasise their role as alternative media contrary to mainstream media? How is the relationship to other media? For example, are there opportune connections to established mainstream media, e.g. citations of or links to mainstream media articles?

• Who are the recipients of alternative right-wing media? How do they think about political issues and about established media? Is there a connection between media scepticism (the “liar press” accusations in Germany and the “fake news” allegations in the US are still part of the public discussion) and the use of alternative media?

• Who are the producers of alternative media in the right-wing sector? Do they have a professional background in journalism? Which political views do they have?

• Do right-wing alternative media have elements of participating journalism or are they used to promote the political standpoints of the producers?

• Is there a closed counter public sphere in the right-wing spectrum? Can we perceive effects of echo chambers or filter bubbles (Pariser, 2011)?[/spoiler]

The manuscripts of 6000 to 8000 words should be sent by 30 May 2018 and the publication will be in late 2018.

Read the full call for paper published on the ECREA mailing list.


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