CFP | 30.1.2018 | Media in the Arab Gulf crisis

The International Journal of Communication is calling for article proposals for an upcoming special section on the Arab Gulf crisis. The section will be guest-edited by Ilhem Allagui and Banu Akdenizli, both of the Northwestern University in Quatar.

Here, the Arab Gulf crisis refers to the ongoing schism between Quatar and the Saudi Arabia lead coalition. The section seeks to investigate media’s role in the conflict, for example through the following, suggested topics:

  • Media role/use in crisis
  • Social media role/use in crisis
  • Al-Jazeera’s role and impact on the crisis
  • Coverage of Gulf crisis in national and/or international media
  • Public diplomacy
  • Reputation management
  • Nation branding
  • Agenda setting and framing
  • Gulf information war, past and present
  • Public sphere, political participation
  • Identity and representation

Article abstracts must be submitted by January 30th 2018.

The full call for papers is available through the ECREA mailing list archive.

Edited on 3.11.2017: The abstract submission deadline was corrected from “end of January” to “January 30th“.

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