CFP | 22.6. | Political Studies Association: Political reversals and renewals

Political Studies Association is calling papers for Media & Politics Group Annual Conference 2018 titled “Political Reversals and Renewals. The conference is organized at the University of Nottingham on 8-9 November 2018.

Recent elections and referenda have thrown up some unexpected results – outside candidates have emerged rapidly to take power, and established politicians have suffered an unexpected decline or increase in support.Traditional institutions such as political parties and trade unions have experienced a revival in membership.Received wisdom on public opinion and political behaviour has been disrupted, not least assumptions about the political engagement of millenials. This conference will explore mediated communication of politics in the context of such instability and insurgency.

[spoiler title=’Papers are welcomed on any topic related to political reversals or political renewal, which may include but not be limited to:’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]* Reversals in fortune – the role of media scandals and controversies
in declining political support for individuals or parties, or the
spread of grassroots support into the mainstream
* Opinion poll upsets and the media obsession with electoral process
* Agenda reversals such as the rise of immigration as an issue across
Europe and North America, the emergence of anti-austerity politics,
and the declining dominance of the economy as a political /
electoral issue.
* U-turns and shifts in discourse as political leaders and media
corporations attempt to keep on top of this shifting political

Proposals for 15-minute papers (250-word abstract) should be sent by Friday 22 June 2018.

Link to full call for papers.

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