CFP | 20.12. | Regional media clusters

A one-day symposium on media clusters is calling for paper proposals. The event is entitled “Investigating Regional Creative Clusters” and it is hosted by the University of the West of England, in the city of Bristol, United Kingdom. The symposium will take place on the 6th of March 2018.

The symposium is interested in various aspects of regionality and creative clusters. The organisers have provided a list of invited topics, which includes several proposals salient to also journalism scholars, such as:

  • How have ‘regions’ been defined in media and cultural policy and what is the relationship between regions and nations?
  • How have the regional concentrations evolved historically?
  • What has been the regional impact of major national institutions (e.g., Arts Council England, BBC)?
  • What role do creative companies play in the wider civic, social and cultural life of their regions? What is their impact on regional and social cultures?

Paper abstracts must be submitted by December 20th.

The full call for papers is available from the ECREA mailing list archive.

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