CFP | 15.8. | Global media literacy

Glimpse, a double-blind peer reviewed journal published annually by the Society for Phenomenology and Media, invites papers for its Spring 2019 issue that will focus on the theme of global media literacy in the digital age.

“We find ourselves, arguably, on the brink of a third digital revolution–Web 3.0 constituted by an Internet of things that send and receive data–but we have not yet come to terms with Web 2.0 that confounded us with fake news and Presidential tweets. Glimpse seeks papers that map theoretical distinctions and identify philosophical dilemmas by exploring aspects of media literacy in the global and local media landscapes. Abstracts should focus on specific media of communication (graffiti, books, TV, radio, film, dance, wearables, artificial intelligence, etc.). The media under scrutiny need not be digital, but we encourage reflections on the constraints placed on the media by the digital age. All theoretical and philosophical perspectives are welcome (analytic, linguistic, phenomenological, Marxist, etc.)” the call states.

3000-word paper deadline is 15 August 2018.

See the full call for papers on the ECREA mailing list.

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