CFP | 15.4. | Strategic management in the media industries

The Journal of Media Business Studies special issue on “Strategic Management in the Media (Creative) Industries” is calling for papers.

The aim of the special issue on Strategic Management in the Media (Creative) Industries is (1) to advance our understanding of the media (creative) industries by examining specificities of strategic management and strategy work in the media context, and (2) to shed light on the strategic approaches of media firms to manage the challenges and threats of a high-velocity business environment, in order to (3) advance strategic media management theory.

[spoiler title=’Specific topics of relevance to this special issue and upon which submissions are invited include, but are not limited to:’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]

• How do ecosystems in the media (creative) industries differ from other industry sectors in terms of their strategic management?

• How does research on the specificities of the media (creative) industries challenge or expand theories in strategic management?

• How can media firms build and maintain competitive advantage in a changing world characterized by increasing uncertainty, complexity and competition?

• How can strategic management research in the areas of platform markets, networks, multi-sided markets, ambidexterity, sharing, and crowdfunding be applied to the media (creative) industries?

• How can theories from strategic management explain particular strategic leadership challenges faced by media companies?

• How can the strategic drivers of family firms and other ownership forms in the media (creative) industries be explained?

• What can other technology-driven industries affected by vertical unbundling and industry convergence learn from strategic management of media organizations?[/spoiler]

The deadline for submissions is 15 April 2018.

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