CFP | 15.2. | Mediatized science communication

IAMCR and University of Rostock will hold Interdisciplinary Symposium on Current Challenges to Mediatized Science Communication on 7th – 9th of June 2018. The symposium is now calling for abstracts. The event is organized by Corinna Lüthje ans Franziska Thiele.

The call states: “Science communication is constantly in transition due to technological and social change. Scientific frameworks and requirements are shifting. Science communication reacts to this and adjusts. But with new communication patterns come new communicative challenges and problems.”

Possible topics to be discussed in the Symposium are:

  • Scholarly Communication and New Media Technology
  • Complexity and Uncertainty in Science and Risk Societies
  •  Fake News and Science – Crisis of Credibility and Confidence
  • Participatory Science

Deadline for abstracts is on February 15 2018. The full call for papers is available through the ECREA mailing list archive.

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