CFP | 15.11. | Does minority media really challenge the hegemony?

A special issue of the Journal of Alternative and Community Media is calling for article proposals. The issue is entitled “Ethnic Minority Media: Between Hegemony and Resistance” and it will be guest edited by Alicia Ferrández Ferrer, of University of Alicante, and Jessica Retis, of California State University.

The issue deals with the question whether specialized ethnic minority media challenge the hegemonic ideologies related to ethnicity and gender, or whether they replicate the ideologies present in mainstream media. The editors have provided some topic suggestions, including:

  • Production of ethnic and minority media: funding and economics, soft information, censorship and the reinforcement of hegemonic discourses
  • Journalists and media professionals: the role of migrant and ethnic journalists in challenging hegemonic discourses and structures in the host countries
  • Journalistic field: elements that might limit the democratising potential of ethnic and minority media

Abstracts must be submitted by November 15th and the editors will notify authors of accepted submissions by December 1st. The issue is scheduled for publication in late 2018.

The full call for papers is available on the journal’s website (PDF file).

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