CFP | 15.1. | Emotions vs. Rationality in Mediated Discussions

6th International Conference: Comparative Media Studies is calling for papers.  The conference will be held from April 17–19, 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and it is an integral part of ‘Media in Modern World’ Annual Forum which will be held by St. Petersburg State University. Theme for this event is: Emotions vs. Rationality in Mediated Discussions.

The aim of the event is to go beyond statements on ‘fake news’ and ‘propaganda reborn’ and to look deeper into causes and consequences of the communicative shifts of the recent times.

Among other topics, the conference will focus on:

  • Emotions and media: revitalizing the research approaches
  • Rational public spheres and their limitations in the real world
  • Emotions, journalistic standards, and media practices
  • Emotions and media effects: gaining and losing audiences by emotions
  • Emotional factors in media consumption
  • Emotions and rationality in today’s political communication
  • Emotions in fake news and media satire
  • Emotions as border builders: communicating fear and alienation

Deadline for abstracts is on January 15. Further information is available on event website here.

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