CFP | 15.01.2018 | Media management in the age of big data and high-tech

The annual conference of the European Media Management Association (emma) is calling for papers. Conference’s topic is “Media Management in the Age of Big Data and High-tech”. The conference will be held 14-15 June 2018 at University of Warsaw, Poland.

[spoiler title=’Papers researching the following questions are welcomed:’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]

How to conceptualize media enterprises and media management in order to take advantage of ‘high technologies’?

* In what ways have computer networks changed the organisational structures and business economics of media firms?

* Can live streaming, podcasting, eSports, and media players offer a solution for legacy media?

* What are the cultural changes taking place in the ‘information age’, or the ‘age of high technologies and robots ‘?

* Will quality journalism be replaced by automated flows of data, filter bubbles, and fake news?

* Are participatory and spreadable media and prosumerism an opportunity or a threat to media managers and producers?

* How are power structures changing in the age of big data, high technology and machine-related practices?

* Is national and international media policy fit for the high technologies?

* What do we know about Generation Z and their media habits and why should we care?

In terms of topics, we welcome both paper proposals that address the specific conference theme as well as paper proposals that address more general issues with regard to the management of the media. Topics of relevance include (but are not limited to):

* Machine intelligence and machine learning,

* Big Data and Internet of Things,

* Media platforms and ICT,

* Predictive analytics, behavioral targeting, data-driven personalisation,

* IP management and data management planning,

* Media funding and venture capital,

* Impact of digital technologies and machines on media consumption,

* Cultural and production studies,

* Smart city and social innovation,

* Innovation management,

* Organisational structures and cultures,

* Strategic media management (emma Special Interest Group),

* Media entrepreneurship (emma Special Interest Group),

* Information technology in media companies (emma Special Interest Group),

* Media policy & regulations (emma Special Interest Group),

* Emerging media markets (emma Special Interest Group).[/spoiler]

Abstract (500-750 words) submission deadline is 15 January 2018.

Similar to the Call for Papers, the conference welcomes poster proposals that address the specific conference theme or other topics relevant for the field of media management.

See the full call for papers.

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