CFP | 10.6. | The future of facts

The journal is calling for article manuscripts for its upcoming thematic issue on “The Digital Future of Facts”. The journal is open access, and it accepts submissions in three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan. The issue in question is scheduled for publication in November 2018.

The issue is interested in how facts -their production and circulation- might be evolving in the contemporary, digital media landscape. The journal’s editors have proposed a number of questions and topics which prospective authors might tackle. The list, which is non-exhaustive to begin with, includes:

  • How can our location affect the distribution of contents?
  • What is the contributive role of audiences to this way of interpreting reality?
  • How can content and media professionals combat fake news?
  • Can media manage to create parallel realities in which we live in information bubbles? Is this happening now?
  • Immersive Storytelling
  • Interactive Documentaries
  • Algorithmic Journalism
  • Mobile News and Apps
  • Social Media and News
  • Fake News
  • Big Data and News

Manuscript must be submitted by June 10, and acceptance notifications will be delivered by September 10.

The full call for papers is available from the ECREA mailing list archive.

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