CFP | 1.6. | Literary journalism as a discipline

The Brazilian Journalism Research journal is calling for papers for its issue on “Literary Journalism as a Discipline”.

The call states: “The introduction to /Literary Journalism across the Globe/ concluded with an open challenge to literary journalism scholars around the world: “… [to] stop referring to literary journalism as a genre … or even as a form … and [to] start calling it what it is: a discipline” (Bak and Reynolds, 2011: 18). Response to that challenge has been overwhelming, evidenced by the many monographs, collections and scholarly articles that have since been published in various languages worldwide. And yet, efforts in establishing literary journalism studies as an independent discipline (that is, an internationally recognized field of study with institutional backing and support from university administrators to publishing houses, from individual scholars to learned societies, and from commercial enterprises to governmental agencies) have been slow in developing, and the reasons for this are several.”

Articles, from 40,000 to 55,000 characters with spaces, APA Style, must be submitted by 1 June 2018.

As Brazilian Journalism Research publishes two versions of each issue (in Portuguese/Spanish and in English), the authors of the articles accepted in Spanish or Portuguese should provide the English translation. In the same way, the authors of texts accepted in English should send a version in Portuguese or Spanish.

See the full call for paper on the ECREA mailing list.

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