CFP | 1.12. | Teaching Intersectionality and Media

The journal Teaching Media Quarterly is calling papers for the upcoming special issue “Teaching Intersectionality and Media”. The journal is interested in how instructors teach the concept of intersectionality as an analytical tool for understanding media images, messages, platforms, production, fandom, audiences, etc. Additionally, they are interested in the ways instructors engage critically with media to assist students’ understanding of intersectionality and their examination of their own positionality.

[spoiler title=’The journal is interested in lesson plans that are informed by, but not limited to, the following questions:’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]·How does intersectionality illuminate racial and class specificities in representations of masculinity, femininity, sexuality, etc.?

·How can intersectionality be used as a lens for understanding audiences?

·How can intersectionality be used to understand media history?

·How do the evolving media systems and platforms create or limit the space for intersectional cultural critiques?

·How can we use intersectionality to interrogate the production and political economy of media?

·How can we engage with intersectionality through media production or participation in mediated spaces?

·How can intersectionality inform media research methods?[/spoiler]

Submission Deadline: 1 December 2017.

See the full call for papers from the ECREA mailing list archive.

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