Books of the week 2/2018

On weeks 52/2017, 1/2018 and 2/2018 the following publications have come to our attention:

Media Logic(s) Revisited: Modelling the Interplay between Media Institutions, Media Technology and Societal Change

  • Edited by Caja Thimm, Mario Anastasiadis & Jessica Einspänner-Pflock
  • Published by Palgrave Macmillan
  • 294 pages

Shifting Nicaraguan Mediascapes: Authoritarianism and the Struggle for Social Justice

  • Written by Julie Cupples & Kevin Glynn
  • Published by Palgrave Macmillan
  • 82 pages

Viral Structures in Literature and Digital Media: Networked Counterpublics and Participatory Capitalism

  • Written by Kim Brillante Knight
  • Published by Routledge
  • 264 pages

The Mourning News: Reporting Violent Death in a Global Age

  • Written by Tal Morse
  • Published by Peter Lang
  • 268 pages

Public Service Media Renewal: Adaptation to Digital Network Challenges

  • Written by Michał Głowacki and Alicja Jaskiernia
  • Published by Peter Lang
  • 252 pages

Youth Media Matters: Participatory Cultures and Literacies in Education

  • Written by Korina M. Jocson
  • Published by University of Minnesota Press
  • 208 pages

Breaking News? Politics, Journalism, and Infotainment on Quebec Television

  • Written by Frédérick Bastien
  • Published by University of British Columbia Press
  • 236 pages

Television, Democracy, and the Mediatization of Chilean Politics

  • Written by Harry L. Simón Salazar
  • Published by Rowman & Littlefield
  • 190 pages

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Edited on 12.1.2018: A previous version of this article falsely credited the book Mourning News to the publisher Routledge.
Edited on 12.1.2018: The list was updated with two new entries.

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