BOOK: Journalism education in the Nordic countries

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The Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research (NORDICOM) has published an edited anthology on journalism education in the Nordic countries. It features 20 chapters on, for example, the history of journalism education, journalism students’ thoughts on the profession, and methods of education.

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1. Introduction. The Nordic Model of Journalism Education, by Jan Fredrik Hovden, Gunnar Nygren & Henrika Zilliacus-Tikkanen

2. Educating Journalists. The Who, When, How, and Why of Early Journalism Programmes in the Nordic Countries, by Elin Gardeström

3. “We All Think the Same”. Internships, Craft and Conservation, by Ida Willig

4. New Times, New Journalists? Nordic Journalism Students Entering an Age of Uncertainity, by Jan Fredrik Hovden & Rune Ottosen



5. Journalism Education and the Profession. Socialisation, Traditions and Change, by Gunnar Nygren

6. Perfect Profession. Swedish Journalism Students, Their Teachers, and Educational Goals, by Gunilla Hultén & Antonia Wiklund

7. From Politics on Print to Online Entertainment? Ideals and Aspirations of Danish Journalism Students 2005–2012, by Jannie Møller Hartley & Maria Bendix Olsen

8. Finnish Journalism Students. Stable Professional Ideals and Growing Critique of Practice, by Henrika Zilliacus-Tikkanen, Jaana Hujanen & Maarit Jaakkola

9. The Media Use of Future Journalists and How it Changes During Journalism Education, by Ulrika Andersson

10. More Mobile, More Flexible. Students’ Device Ownership and Cross-Media News Consumption, and Their Pedagogical Implications, by Erik Eliasson & Maarit Jaakkola



11. The Gap. J-School Syllabus Meets the Market, Arne H. Krumsvik

12. Women Train In – and Out of – Journalism, by Hege Lamark

13. Burdens of Representation. Recruitment and Attitudes towards Journalism among Journalism Students with Ethnic Minority Backgrounds, Gunn Bjørnsen & Anders Graver Knudsen

14. Tackling Global Learning in Nordic Journalism Education. The Lasting Impact of a Field Trip, Terje Skjerdal & Hans-Olav Hodøl

15. Dialogues and Difficulties. Transnational Cooperation in Journalism Education, Kristin Skare Orgeret

16. Becoming Journalists. From Engaged to Balanced or from Balanced to Engaged? Roy Krøvel



17. Standardised News Providers or Creative Innovators? A New Generation of Journalists Entering the Business, Jenny Wiik

18. “Is This a Good News Story?” Developing Professional Competence in the Newsroom, Gitte Gravengaard & Lene Rimestad

19. Internal Practical Training as Teaching Method for Journalist Students, Hilde Kristin Dahlstrøm

20. Developing Journalism Skills through Informal Feedback Training, Astrid Gynnild


A digital version of the book “Becoming a journalist” can be read for free on the NORDICOM website.

Picture: Untitled by Unsplash, licence CC0 1.0.

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