ARTICLE: US newspaper journalists value social responsibility

Paper pile - April 2011 - 2 by Sebastien Wiertz, licence: CC BY 2.0

New study by Karen McIntyre, of Virginia Commonwealth University, Nicole Smith Dahmen, of University of Oregon and Jesse Abdenour, University of Oregon focuses on US newspaper journalists’ attitudes toward contextual reporting.

Contextual stories can be described as those that help audiences understand ‘the wider circle, deeper roots’ of an issue: stories that go beyond the immediacy of the news and contribute to
societal well-being. The study is based on a survey conducted among 1318 journalists.

Results show that American newspaper journalists support contextual reporting styles. Especially younger journalists and female journalists seem to value three genres of contextual reporting: constructive journalism, solutions journalism, and restorative narrative.

The article “The contextualist function: US newspaper journalists value social responsibility” was published by Journalism. It is available here.

Picture: Paper pile – April 2011 – 2 by Sebastien Wiertz, licence: CC BY 2.0

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