ARTICLE: New video tools for television news

 Old Toshiba Blackstripe television set by Matthew Paul Argall, licence: CC BY 2.0

New technologies and available infrastructure present new opportunities for live transmission of news, writes Frode Guribye, of University of Bergen. The study explores new video tools for television news and reports on the practice of live news reporting at the professional news broadcaster TV 2 in Norway.

Six journalists and photographers were interviewed for the study.

The results show that there is a trend towards a miniaturization of tools in the news organization. The portable capacity of the new tools allows for new ways of covering events. On the other hand this means that the organizations are dependent on the commercially available mobile communication network and the infrastructure can be vulnerable during a crisis or big event.

The article “The Changing Ecology of Tools for Live News Reporting” was published by Journalism Practice and it is available here.

Picture: Old Toshiba Blackstripe television set by Matthew Paul Argall, licence: CC BY 2.0

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