ARTICLE: Mixing youth, lifestyles, and journalism


New article called Vice Media Inc.: Youth, lifestyle – and news by Henrik Bødker, of Aarhus University, explores the Vice News’ coverage of the events in Ferguson following the police shooting of Michael Brown on 9 August 2014.

Through a contextual reading of 50 news items from 12 August to 28 September, the article attempts to situate and understand the journalism of Vice News  in relation to developments within digital journalism, emerging global media markets, and youth cultures.

According to the writer, the coverage alternates between minute-by-minute, long-form video coverage and incensed, media-reflexive analysis and thus mixes amateur aesthetics, immersive approaches, and ethics of witnessing with commentary. This mixture, it will be argued, in certain ways mirrors the collaborative flow found on social media, writes the author.

The article is published online before print by Journalism and it can be found here. 

Picture: PU Svea. 7-9/10 2011. Stockholm, Järfälla. by Oskar Annermarken, licence: CC BY-SA 2.0

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