ARTICLE: Local TV stations reaching generation C


National TV networks, as well as local TV stations, are experiencing changes that range from programming distribution methods to shifts in audiences, write Douglas A. Ferguson, of College of Charleston and Clark F. Greer, of Liberty University. One concern is an aging audience.

The article focuses on the extent to which local TV stations are using top social media platforms, mobile technology, and other digital tools to connect with young audience, generation C.

The key finding is that TV stations have a growing array of social media and other tools to engage their viewers, but that larger organisations are making fuller use of interactive technologies. Larger organisations also evidence more innovativeness.

The article “Reaching a Moving Target: How Local TV Stations are Using Digital Tools to Connect With Generation C” was published by International Journal on Media Management. It is available here. 

Picture: C. by Angie Harms, licence: CC BY-ND 2.0

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