ARTICLE: Live online coverage of breaking news


Has the adoption of live online coverage, such as Twitter, facilitated a more “multiperspectival” journalism through the inclusion of “non-official” sources? ask Daniel Bennett. The article looks at the opportunities and limitations of live pages for the incorporation of “non-official” sources.

Writer analyses the BBC’s coverage of Utøya killings in 2011 and the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008. In addition to comparative content analysis, writer uses interviews, BBC documents and observation work at the BBC to strengthen the article.

Study reveals that the use of “non-official” sources in the BBC’s live online coverage has increased, but further increases are unlikely.

Article is published online by Digital Journalism and it is available here. Abstract is public.

Picture: But if the party’s over, if the fun has to end, Could you do this for me, my friend… by Marc Roberts, licence: CC BY 2.0


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