ARTICLE: Journalists and politicians do the Twitter tango

Tango na Reitoria by Mariana Costa, licence: CC BY 2.0

The relationship between journalists and politicians is one of both conflict and co-operation, which reflects the complexity of establishing linkages to and boundaries within political life, write Igor Vobič, of University of Ljubljana, Alem Maksuti, of Institute of Political Management, Ljubljana and Tomaž Deželan, of University of Ljubljana.

The study pursues the metaphor of tango introduced by Herbert J. Gans and investigates Twitter conversations held by journalists and politicians during the period leading up to the parliamentary elections in Slovenia. The authors also conducted interviews with the actors involved.

The key finding is that the Twitter tango is led not by journalistic or political actors but by whether these actors engage in Twitter conversations as either initiators or respondents. The social media are a particular venue for the articulation of journalist–politician relationships.

The article “Who Leads the Twitter Tango? – Studying the journalist–politician relationship in Slovenia through Twitter conversations” was published by Digital Journalism and it can be found here.

Picture: Tango na Reitoria by Mariana Costa, licence: CC BY 2.0

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