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VIDEO: Platforms and publishers

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Director of Research at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, talked to us about his research. He discussed about his research on the relationship between news media organizations and digital intermediaries like search engines and social media. His future interest is to to understand the … Continued

Hyperlocal projects in Sweden interview - Stur Cepaite Jangdal

VIDEO: Hyperlocal projects in Sweden

We interviewed Elizabeth Stur of Mid Sweden University, Asta Cepaite of Lund University and Lottie Jangdal of Mid Sweden University about their new project on hyperlocal media in Sweden. They are studying hyperlocal journalism entrepreneurs working in the countryside. The project started during the autumn in 2016. The researchers are aiming to follow local entrepreneurs … Continued

VIDEO: Data journalism implications

Florian Stalph, Research Associate at the University of Passau talked to us about his research. He told about his research about data journalism implications. Stalph is also interested in data driven teams in newsrooms. The interview was filmed at the ECREA 2016 conference in Prague.

Conciliatory journalism - Laura Ahva interview

VIDEO: Conciliatory journalism

Laura Ahva, Research Fellow at the University of Tampere talked to us about her research. She talked about her action research based project “Conciliatory Journalism”. Ahva is also interested in journalistic work happening outside newsrooms. The interview was filmed at the ECREA 2016 conference in Prague.

Mikael Karlsson interview

VIDEO: What is good journalism?

Michael Karlsson, a professor at Karlstad University, has studied what people think is good journalism. With his colleagues he has conducted focus group interviews with citizens. He shares the findings about what they have found. In the near future, Karlsson is focusing on studies about hyperlinking and how news “travel” within newsrooms in different countries. … Continued

Niek Hietbrink video interview

VIDEO: Local newspapers in the Netherlands

Niek Hietbrink, a teacher and researcher at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences talked to us about his research into local daily newspapers in the Netherlands. The study looked at the effects of lay-offs on the content of the papers. Hietbrink also shared his interests into continuing to do this kind of research and looking … Continued

VIDEO: Norms of journalists and legitimizing the work

David Domingo, Professor at l’Université libre de Bruxelles told us about his recent work related to how journalists deal with norms. Finally, he shares his ideas for future research: creating more participation and action research to help journalism to foster a more caring society and to help reduce polarization. The interview was filmed in the … Continued

Hanna Nikkanen JRN video interview

VIDEO: Covering complex global issues and discussing new forms of publishing

Hanna Nikkanen, a Visiting Professor at the University of Tampere, talked with us about her plans for teaching and current interests. We went through various interesting topics such as the future of journalism and skills required from future journalists. She also talked about the difficulty of covering global issues, such as climate change. In the … Continued