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ARTICLE: Online news video consumption is growing modestly

The push of video from platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat has driven the production of videos upwards, writes Antonis Kalogeropoulos, of RISJ, University of Oxford. The author compared the prominence of online news video in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States and explored the role of social media use in … Continued

ARTICLE: An algorithm makes news organizations to play by Facebook’s rules

In June 2014 Facebook’s announced an algorithm tweak that prioritized videos directly uploaded to the social media platform (native videos) over other posting formats, such as link and photo posts. Edson C Tandoc Jr, of Nanyang Technological University and Julian Maitra, of University of St. Gallen examine how news organizations responded to this algorithm tweak. Prior … Continued

Newspapers in Japan and the role of personal contact - Kaori Hayashi interview

VIDEO: Newspapers in Japan and the role of personal contact

Kaori Hayashi, Professor of Media and Journalism Studies at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, the University of Tokyo, talked to us about Japanese newspapers. Due to the ageing society and changing media use of younger generations, the readership of newspapers is on the decline. Still, newspapers have a lot of influence in the … Continued

Economic news and learning – Arjen van Dalen interview

VIDEO: Economic news and learning

Arjen van Dalen, Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark told us about his four-year research project that focuses on economic news. The research group studied, using content analysis and a large survey following people’s understanding of news during one year, how people learn about and understand economic news. At the end of the … Continued

Worlds of journalism – Thomas Hanitzsch interview

VIDEO: Worlds of journalism

Thomas Hanitzsch, Professor of Communication at the LMU Munchen told us about his Worlds of Journalism project. Hanitzsch has studied journalistic cultures, the state of journalism and basic premises of newsrooms in 66 countries around the world. His future interests include continuing this vast project and also researching crisis reporting. The interview was filmed at … Continued

Political journalism in Central Eastern Europe – Maja Šimunjak interview

VIDEO: Political journalism in Central Eastern Europe

Maja Šimunjak, lecturer at Middlesex University London, talked to us about her research into political journalism. Šimunjak tells about how researching political journalism in Central Eastern Europe differs from Western countries. She also shares her future interests about broadening the research to better explain these differences. The interview was filmed at the ECREA 2016 conference … Continued

Roddy Flynn interview

VIDEO: Media ownership and journalistic content

Roddy Flynn, a lecturer at Dublin City University talked to us about his research into the relationship between media ownership and journalistic content. He tells about findings concerning a study on whether media owners are treated differently by their own reporters. Flynn’s project looked at the public service broadcaster in Ireland and the largest private … Continued

Hyperlocal projects in Sweden interview - Stur Cepaite Jangdal

VIDEO: Hyperlocal projects in Sweden

We interviewed Elizabeth Stur of Mid Sweden University, Asta Cepaite of Lund University and Lottie Jangdal of Mid Sweden University about their new project on hyperlocal media in Sweden. They are studying hyperlocal journalism entrepreneurs working in the countryside. The project started during the autumn in 2016. The researchers are aiming to follow local entrepreneurs … Continued

Conciliatory journalism - Laura Ahva interview

VIDEO: Conciliatory journalism

Laura Ahva, Research Fellow at the University of Tampere talked to us about her research. She talked about her action research based project “Conciliatory Journalism”. Ahva is also interested in journalistic work happening outside newsrooms. The interview was filmed at the ECREA 2016 conference in Prague.