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Caitlyn Jenner, Formerly Bruce Jenner, Vanity Fair Cover by Mike Mozart, licence CC BY 2.0

ARTICLE: How did Caitlyn Jenner change the news on transgender people?

On 24th of April 2015 Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner publicly announced his gender transition into Caitlyn Jenner. The announcement was shortly followed by a reality television show focusing on her. Minjie Li, of Louisiana State University, has studied how American national media’s coverage of transgender issues changed after Jenner’s announcement. Minjie analysed all US … Continued

Untitled by Cparks, licence CC0 1.0

ARTICLE: Broadcast and print majors share values but differ in personalities

Journalism students majoring in broadcast and in print largely share the same values, write Serena Carpenter, of Michigan State University, Anne Hoag, of Penn State, and August E. Grant, of University of South Carolina. The authors surveyed 686 American journalism students over their personality traits and life values. As was expected by the authors, students … Continued

Picture: Open door by Martin Wessely, CC0 1.0

ARTICLE: Investigative reporters see themselves as messengers and reformers

Investigative journalists regard themselves as having autonomy and high job satisfaction, even though there is a lot of pessimism about the state of their work and the future. Gerry Lanosga of Indiana University Bloomington and Brant Houston of the University of Illinois studied how reporters assess their profession, the status of nonprofit newsrooms and how … Continued

Picture: Spectrum by Anders Sandberg, license CC BY 2.0

ARTICLE: Limited representations of transgenderism

Newspaper coverage of transgender identity and individuals is very limited, a new study finds. Thomas Billard of the University of Southern California studied 200 articles from 13 daily newspapers in the US. The presence of “legitimacy indicators” were searched from the articles. These indicators include naming, pronoun usage, past-tense references, proper use of terms, characterizations … Continued

ARTICLE: No end to US prominence in news

Despite talk about the American decline, the United States has retained its place as the most prominent country in news, write Menahem Blondheim, of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Elad Segev, of Tel Aviv University. The authors studied three news websites per country, in 11 countries, over the period of three years (from 2009 to … Continued

ARTICLE: More climate change news in UK than US media

Media interest toward the International Panel for Climate Change’s (IPCC) reports was stronger in the United Kingdom than in the United States, write Saffron O’Neill, Hywel Williams, Bouke Wiersma, Tim Kurz, all of University of Exeter, and Maxwell Boykoff, of University of Colorado-Boulder. The team analyzed the stories related to the IPCC reports in ten … Continued