ARTICLE: Most media inform better than mobile news apps

Citizens gain more political knowledge from almost any other news media than mobile news applications, a study on Danes discovered. Jakob Ohme, of University of Amsterdam, conducted a large-scale survey during the 2015 Danish election campaign. Over 9 000 people participated in the study, but only 1 108 completed both pre- and post-election surveys and … Continued

News Anchor: Kabul, painting by Joy Garnett, licence CC BY-SA 2.0

ARTICLE: Female television journalists have stricter norms for appearance

Female television journalists adhere to more strict norms of beauty than their male colleagues, a team of researchers writes. Mary Angela Bock, Lourdes Miriam Cueva Chac√≥n, Heloisa Aruth Sturm and Ever J. Figueroa, all of University of Texas, with Hyeri Jung, of Eastern University (names not in original order) studied the publicity photos of American … Continued