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ARTICLE: Australian journalists are not equipped to resist surveillance

Australian journalists “lack understanding” of the risks posed to them and their sources by state-sanctioned surveillance, Benedetta Brevini, of University of Sydney, writes. The author reviews the trend in Australian surveillance policy post-9/11 and supplements the analysis with the interviews of 10 journalists. Recently imposed laws can have a significant chilling effect on journalism seeking … Continued

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REPORT: Source protection in the UK must be strengthened

New legal and technical developments have made British journalists more vulnerable to spying by the state, a recent report states. It is based on a meeting of 25 “investigative journalists, representatives from relevant NGOs and media organisations, media lawyers and specialist researchers”. The report was prepared by the Information Law & Policy Centre, affiliated with … Continued

PAPER: Can journalists protect their sources anymore?

Is source protection dead, asks a new paper by Carl Fridh Kleberg who spent a month at LSE as the Polis Journalistfonden Fellow. Kleberg studied the potential threat to the privacy of journalists’ communication and data, surfaced after the revelations of mass surveillance by Edward Snowden. If nobody’s data is safe, can journalists claim they can protect their … Continued