ARTICLE: Sports and femininity in British newspapers

Using Foucault’s analytical tools and Mulvey’s concept of ‘gaze’,¬†Amy Godoy-Pressland¬†of University of East Anglia analyses representation of sportswomen in British Sunday newspapers during January 2008 to December 2009. Her analysis, both quantitative and qualitative, focuses on the display of female bodies and normative femininity. Godoy-Pressland analyses the imagery of bodies through the concept of surveillance … Continued

ARTICLE: Soccer news symptomatic of Israeli identity

The ways how Israeli press has written about the country’s national soccer team has changed over the years. These changes are largely the result of changes in Israeli national identity and the fracturing of common political discourse, write Haim Hagay and Oren Meyers, both of University of Haifa. The authors studied sports news about international … Continued