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ARTICLE: Spain’s “Link Tax” increased fragmentation of online news consumption

The 2015 “Link Tax” legislation is Spain imposed a copyright fee for showing snippets of content created by newspapers. Similar regulations are being considered on the European level. Silvia Majó-Vásquez, of the University of Oxford, Ana S. Cardenal, of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, and Sandra González-Bailón, of the University of Pennsylvania, examined the impact … Continued

ARTICLE: Slow journalism startups in Spain

Alejandro Barranquero Carretero and Garbiñe Jaurrieta Bariain examine slow media practices in Spain within a context of economic and media crisis. The case study is based on interviews with Jot Down cultural magazine’s head and staff as well as on an online survey to its collaborators. The study concludes that there is no closed model for slow … Continued

Latest issue of Communication & Society published

New issue of quarterly published Communication & Society is out now. The journal’s aim is to make research contributions to the field of communication from a variety of perspectives. The new online magazine covers themes such as crisis of journalism, dis-information and journalism education. The issue can be found here. Picture: Telephone Switchboard Operators – a vintage … Continued

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ARTICLE: Innovation in Spanish public service media

There has been a deep controversy in Europe with respect to media policies, new technologies and public service media. A study by David Fernández-Quijada, Montse Bonet, Roberto Suárez Candel and Luis Arboledas, deals with this issue. By conducting interviews and analyzing policy documents, the article studies how three Spanish public service media organisations apply technological … Continued

ARTICLE: Shifting frames, reader comments, elite sources

A new issue of the journal European Journal of Communication has been published. As always, we cherry-picked the articles interesting from the point of view of journalism research. Dolors Comas-d’Argemir of Universitat Rovira i Virgili examines the shift in paradigm concerning partner violence against women in Spain. Before, the violence was regarded as an individual problem whereas … Continued

ARTICLE: Merchant sailors vilified in Spanish press

Sailors working on commercial seafaring vessels are displayed in negative light by Spanish press, write Javier Sánchez-Beaskoetxea and Cesar Coca García, both of University of the Basque Country. They studied newspaper articles regarding seafaring from between 1976 and 2007. They selected the stories from week after major shipwrecks, because beyond those instances little if any … Continued

ARTICLE: In times of scandals, Spanish press is partisan

Spanish mainstream press will write extensively of their political opponents’ scandals, but lay low when their allies come under fire, write Frank Baumgartner, of University of North Carolina at Chapel hill, and Laura Chaqués Bonafont, of University of Barcelona. The authors reviewed the front-page stories of Spain’s two leading newspapers, El País and El Mundo … Continued