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Untitled by Sasha Maksymenko, licence CC BY 2.0

ARTICLE: Little difference between liberal and conservative papers’ coverage of the Crimean crisis

American newspapers covered the 2014 Crimean crisis in a fairly uniform fashion regardless of the papers’ political orientation, writes Anastasia N. Sorokina, of Temple University. Sorokina analysed 568 news article headlines regarding the crisis, published in six American newspapers. Half of the papers are considered liberal and half conservative leaning. The proportions of countries mentioned … Continued

Untitled by Ralf Vetterle, licence CC0 1.0

ARTICLE: Chinese and Western representations of smog in Beijing

Chinese and Anglo-American media represent Beijing’s smog problem very differently, write Ming Liu, of Sun Yat-sen University, and Chaoyuan Li, of Xi’an International Studies University. The authors algorithmically analysed 1 410 news articles published by China Daily, The Guardian, The Times, and The New York Times. Most notably, the Western sources tended to dramatize the … Continued

Picture: Ellis Island by Ludovic Bertron, license CC BY 2.0

ARTICLE: Local papers in the US use negative stereotypes when depicting Latinos

The growing Latino population in the US gets covered with negative stereotypes, a new study finds. Mingxiao Sui, of Louisiana State University and Newly Paul, of Appalachian State University, studied how Latinos are portrayed in local newspapers in the United States. The authors studied 55 local newspapers, looking at 2426 articles from the year 2015. … Continued

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ARTICLE: Journalists’ opinions have little effect on story framing

The way journalists perceive global poverty has “little predictive power” over how their stories frame poverty, write Mirjam Vossen and Baldwin van Gorp, both of University of Leuven, with Lau Schulpen, of Radboud University. The authors surveyed 54 Dutch journalists who regularly write about poverty – a sample which covers most of Netherlands’ poverty-focused journalists. … Continued