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ARTICLE: News photographers are depicted as “sidekicks”

News discourse depicts photojournalists as mere “support staff” for reporters, write Mary Angela Bock, Kyser Lough and Deepa Fadnis, all of University of Texas at Austin. The authors used discourse analysis to pick through the coverage of the dramatic, on-air murder of two journalists working on different sides of the camera. Two American journalists working … Continued

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ARTICLE: Guidelines for ethical migration maps

Typically, maps about migration in news frame migrants as faceless masses. The article by Paul C. Adams, of the University of Texas at Austin, looks at unusual maps found from news media as well as from NGOs, private companies and entertainment, offering an alternative for the journalistic bias. Adams gives four guidelines for producing maps … Continued


CFP | 30.11. | Death in media

The journal Funes is calling for article proposals for its upcoming special issue, themed “The representation of death in modern society”. The issue is scheduled for publication in July 2018. The editors seek to address the contemporary changes in the representations of death, especially through and due to media. Suggested topics include, but are not … Continued

Refugees on a boat, photograph courtesy of U.S. Navy, licence CC0 1.0

ARTICLE: Australian press depictions of asylum seekers polarized

Australian newspapers portray asylum seekers either as “victims requiring management” or as a “threat requiring military intervention”. Researchers from the Australian Deakin University, Kehla Lippi, Fiona H. McKay and Hayley J. McKenzie, analysed the representations of asylum seekers in six major newspapers, published by two companies. The period under study covered the month before and … Continued

"Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, UK", courtesy of Chatham House, licence CC BY 2.0;

ARTICLE: British press “viciously” attacked Jeremy Corbyn

The British press was highly antagonistic against Jeremy Corbyn when he was running for and got elected as the leader of the Labour Party. London School of Economics researchers Bart Cammaerts, Brooks DeCillia and João Carlos Magalhães investigated the coverage of eight national newspapers during the two months before, and two months after Corbyn’s election. … Continued

Coverage of the fake news issue in Norway – Bente Kalsnes interview

VIDEO: Coverage of the fake news issue in Norway

Bente Kalsnes, Associate Professor, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA), did an interview with us about her recent research: how fake news has been reported in Norway. Most of the news have been about the US presidential election and Donald Trump. Fake news is also used to imply media criticism and as … Continued

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ARTICLE: Israeli journalists tweeted differently about the Gaza war

How did Israeli journalists’ Twitter messages about the 2014 Gaza war differ from their international colleagues’ messages, asked Ori Tenenboim, of University of Texas at Austin. Tenenboim analysed a random sample of 1 000 tweets, sent by 20 Israeli and 20 international journalists. The contents of the messages differed significantly: Israeli journalists mentioned places in … Continued