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Untitled by Michael Schwarzenberger, licence CC0 1.0

ARTICLE: Which social media posts by newsrooms gather most likes and comments?

Which types of social media posts gather most interaction from the audience? Are there differences between newsrooms and social media platforms? Anders Olof Larsson, of Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology, investigated these questions with a quantitative comparison of four Norwegian newsrooms on two social media platforms. The data sample consists of the … Continued

ARTICLE: Norwegian journalists favour Facebook

For journalistic purposes, Facebook is Norwegian journalists’ most important social media platform, write Anders Olof Larsson, of Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology, and Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk, of Oslo University. The authors surveyed 1 613 Norwegian journalists over their social media use. For example, 72.8 per cent of respondents told they use Facebook … Continued

REPORT: Updates on Swedish and Norwegian media

Newspaper industries in both Sweden and Norway are declining, recent statistics show. However, the Swedish newspaper industry has been able to break its fall by cutting losses and increasing subscription prices. Meanwhile in Norway, newspapers’ digital subscription profits are in a steep increase, yet still insufficient to cover its losses in print. The insights come … Continued

New Nordicom Review out now

A new issue of the Nordicom Review is released. Nordicom Review is a refereed journal that provides forum for media and communication researchers in the Nordic countries. Here’s few examples of the new articles: Helle Sjøvaag presents a quantitative and comparative content analysis of four Norwegian regional newspapers. She analyses the establish levels of localism in … Continued