REPORT: US papers fall into the hands of investment groups

Large numbers of small and mid-sized newspapers in the US are being bought off by investment groups for short term profit, a new report from the University of North Carolina’s School of Media and Journalism states. The research looked at ownership trends between 2004 and 2016. According to the report, the three largest US newspaper … Continued

ARTICLE: Burmese refugees in Indiana news media

This study investigates how Burmese refugees were framed by Fort Wayne’s The Journal Gazette located in Indiana where refugee resettlement has taken place over the last two decades, write Emily A Ehmer, of Texas State University, and Ammina Kothari, of Rochester Institute of Technology. 335 stories and 286 accompanying images were analysed. The findings indicate that … Continued

Shin Mizukoshi Interview

VIDEO: Media landscape in Japan and creating alternative ecosystems

We interviewed Shin Mizukoshi, a Professor of Media Studies at the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at the University of Tokyo. He talks to us about the current media landscape in Japan, digital journalism, future directions for media and his research projects. Mizukoshi’s research interests include workshops on imagining and creating alternative media ecosystems. He … Continued

ARTICLE: Framing the Cypriot economic crisis

New study by Vaia Doudaki, of Uppsala University and Cyprus University of Technology, Angeliki Boubouka and Christos Tzalavras, both independent researchers, examine news framing during the economic crisis in Cyprus. The focus of the study is on three time periods, associated to major developments in what is known as the Cypriot economic crisis. The study examines … Continued

PROJECT: Coverage of Brexit was strongly negative

According to The European Journalism Observatory (EJO) analysis Europe’s newspapers were overwhelmingly negative towards Brexit. EJO conducted a content analysis of the print editions of three daily newspapers in each of 12 European countries and also in the United States in the week after the Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. More than half of articles in … Continued

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REPORT: Global press trends

Newspapers generated an estimated US$ 168 billion in circulation and advertising revenue in 2015. Ninety billion dollars (53 percent) came from print and digital circulation, while $ 78 billion came from advertising, states the World Press Trends 2016 survey, published recently by World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA). Global newspaper market figures show … Continued

ARTICLE: Cruel optimism of ‘Granny’ au pairing

New article by Priscilla Ringrose examines the French media coverage of so called ‘granny’ au pairing. Researcher identified three key frames: au pairing as glamorous tourism, as reinvention of family, and as a niche in the childcare market. The study argues that the French news broadcast media repackage au pairing as positive ageing while underplaying its status as work. Instead … Continued

Picture: After the flood by Bobby McKay, license CC BY-ND 2.0

ARTICLE: Ireland’s local newspaper crisis

Local newspaper industry in Ireland has suffered a crisis falls during the last ten years. It has struggled to create sustainable business models for the digital era, explains Anthony Cawley of Liverpool Hope University in his new research article. The study focuses on Johnston Press media group, which faced significant financial difficulties during recent years. … Continued