ARTICLE: Are newspapers’ news stories becoming more alike?

In recent years scholars have claimed that there is a trend toward less diversity in news content. Kathleen Beckers, Andrea Masini, Julie Sevenans, Miriam van der Burg, Julie De Smedt, Hilde Van den Bulck, Stefaan Walgrave, all of University of Antwerp, explore if this is true by conducting a quantitative analysis of the news content of nine … Continued

REPORT: Why people pay for news?

The American Press Institute has published a new research on paying for news. The report is conducted by The Media Insight Project. In-depth interviews in addition to a survey with news consumers were conducted. The study finds that slightly more than half of all U.S. adults subscribe to news, including subscribing to newspapers or magazines, … Continued

ARTICLE: Low-quality news videos make the news organization seem less credible

Gina Masullo Chen, of University of Texas at Austin, Peter S. Chen, of University of Texas at Austin, Chen-Wei Chang, of Fudan University, and Zainul Abedin, of University of Southern Mississippi study what influence does news video quality have on college-age news consumers’ perceptions of the videos as well as their perceptions of the credibility and value … Continued

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ARTICLE: Coverage of GMO is associated with “vulnerability”

, James Etheridge, Melissa Morgan, and Taylor Hart-McGonigle, all of the College of New Jersey, examines cross-national newspaper coverage of genetically modified organisms (GMO) usage in 19 newspapers in the period of 2004—2014. By using “community structure” theory the study analyzes how society affects media coverage. One of the authors’ hypothesis was that countries with high vulnerability … Continued

ARTICLE: Advertisers’ impact on the content of Swiss free newspapers

Because of commercialization process in the media, there is a growing tension between economic and journalistic interests. Colin Porlezza, of University of Zurich, studied the advertisers’ influence on editorial content of free newspapers in Switzerland by exploring the editorial coverage of the six advertisers most important to the newspapers. The author conducted one content analysis to … Continued

Newspapers in Japan and the role of personal contact - Kaori Hayashi interview

VIDEO: Newspapers in Japan and the role of personal contact

Kaori Hayashi, Professor of Media and Journalism Studies at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, the University of Tokyo, talked to us about Japanese newspapers. Due to the ageing society and changing media use of younger generations, the readership of newspapers is on the decline. Still, newspapers have a lot of influence in the … Continued

Post-industrial journalism in metropolitan newsrooms - Nikki Usher interview

VIDEO: Post-industrial journalism in metropolitan newsrooms

Nikki Usher, Assistant Professor at The George Washington University, told us about her work. She has recently finished a book called ‘Interactive Journalism’ (find info about the book behind this link). Usher’s current work will focus on post-industrial journalism in newsrooms, looking at the connection of material and digital production. She is asking whether journalism … Continued