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ARTICLE: A look at the intense working conditions of digital journalists

What is it like to work in a digital newsroom nowadays? Nicole S. Cohen of the University of Toronto Mississauga, interviewed 12 digital journalists in Canada and United States during 2015 about their daily work and working conditions. Job descriptions for digital journalists are varying, as was also evident in this study. For many, their … Continued

ARTICLE: Thermal imaging technology in journalism

Roy S. Gutterman, of Syracuse University, and Angela M. Rulffes, of Ithaca College examine whether a tort violation of privacy could result from the use of thermal imaging technology for the purposes of newsgathering. In the past few years thermal imaging technology has found its way to the civilian world and also journalists have begun to use this … Continued

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ARTICLE: The moral panic about ‘fake news’ in South Africa

Proliferation of fake news websites and fake social media accounts have raised concerns also in South Africa. The phenomenon should not be understood outside of its particular contexts of production and consumption, writes Herman Wasserman of the University of Cape Town. The study provides an exploratory overview of different types of media output. A very … Continued

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PAPER: Collaboration software brings virtual newsrooms together

How does the use of online collaborative software affect newsroom culture? Mel Bunce, of City, University of London, Kate Wright, of the University of Edinburgh, and Martin Scott, of University of East Anglia, conducted an ethnographic case study at a news agency. The case study focused on the humanitarian, non-profit news agency IRIN. The agency’s … Continued

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ARTICLE: Traditional foreign correspondence is hard to replace

Using “virtual correspondence” can help ease the workload of traditional foreign correspondents – but not replace them, write Oliver Hahn, Florian Stalph and Tom Steller, all of University of Passau. They report on six years of experimenting with virtual correspondence with a total of 90 German journalism students. Based on the students’ experiences, virtual correspondents … Continued

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ARTICLE: Photojournalists are overworked and underappreciated

Photojournalists working for Polish, Czech and Slovakian newspapers feel their workload increasing while their prestige dwindles, Filip Láb and Sandra Štefaniková, both of Charles University in Prague, write. They interviewed 78 photojournalists and photo editors who work for the leading print media in the three countries. The average size of a photography department is under … Continued

ARTICLE: What moves journalism students to study journalism in Serbia?

According to self-determination theory individuals can be either intrinsically motivated (do something because it is inherently interesting) or extrinsically motivated (do something because it leads to a separable outcome), writes Ivanka Pjesivac, of University of Georgia. The study explores these motivations among journalism students in Serbia and tests their impact on the willingness to work in … Continued

ARTICLE: The professional identity of journalists who work across media cultures

Growing media practitioner mobility, as well as the migration of transnational media corporations across borders and media cultures, gives rise to new questions about how journalistic professionalism travels, write Mei Li and Naren Chitty, both of Macquarie University. The authors study the case of CCTV-NEWS, a Chinese state-owned transnational media corporation that recruits Western journalists. The … Continued

ARTICLE: Layout designers and sub-editors design the news

Sub-editors hold a position of substantial power, as they are the ‘final frontier’ before news reaches the reader, write Astrid Vandendaele, of Ghent University. Together with layout designers they represent the heart of production at a newspaper. The focus of this study is on the production values the author formulated. The study aims to find out in … Continued