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ARTICLE: The more Chileans study journalism, the less they want to practice it

When Chilean journalism students approach graduation, their interest in working in journalism declines, write Claudia Mellado, of Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, and Andrés Scherman, of Diego Portales University. The authors surveyed 1 985 Chilean journalism students from 14 private and public universities. Most journalism students want to work in producing journalism, but their proportion … Continued


CFP | 25.7. | Crossing borders in journalism training

The European Journalism Training Association’s Teacher’s Conference (EJTA-2017) is calling for presentation proposals. The conference will take place in Moscow, Russia, on the 19th and 20th of October 2017. The conference is entitled “Journalism education across borders”. The organisers have provided the following list of topics which the event seeks to discuss: Crossing academic borders: … Continued

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ARTICLE: Journalists value research more than journalism educators do

It is more common for working journalists to think academic research is important to journalism than it is for journalism educators, write John Wihbey, of Northeastern University, and Mark Coddington, of Washington and Lee University. The authors surveyed 1 521 American journalists and journalism educators over their attitudes towards academic research and statistical literacy. Majority … Continued


CFP | 30.4. | Future challenges of journalism education

The international conference Bridges of Media Education 2017 is calling for papers. The event is organised on 15-16 September 2017 in Novi Sad, Serbia by the Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. The foundations of journalism have been shaken in the recent decades. The profound changes in the economic, technological, structural … Continued

ARTICLE: Enrollments in journalism programs are declining

Enrollments in the undergraduate and master’s level journalism programs are declining, write  Melissa R. Gotlieb, Bryan McLaughlin and R. Glenn Cummins, all of Texas Tech University. This trend has continued for a few years now. The authors analyse data from the 2015 Survey of Journalism and Mass Communication Enrollments and the Annual Survey in 2013. The results show … Continued

ARTICLE: Journalism students and professional identity

Amanda Williams, Maria Victoria Guglietti and Sally Haney, all of Mount Royal University, conducted a case study of how students in an undergraduate Canadian university’s journalism program are conceptualizing the journalistic profession in the contemporary context. The study is the first stage in a multiyear investigation of students’ development of a professional identity. The students’ reflections … Continued

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ARTICLE: Broadcast and print majors share values but differ in personalities

Journalism students majoring in broadcast and in print largely share the same values, write Serena Carpenter, of Michigan State University, Anne Hoag, of Penn State, and August E. Grant, of University of South Carolina. The authors surveyed 686 American journalism students over their personality traits and life values. As was expected by the authors, students … Continued


CFP | 10.04. | Bridges of media education

The “Bridges of media education” conference is calling for paper proposals. The conference will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia, on the 15th and 16th of September 2017. Papers accepted to the conference will be considered for an edited volume. The conference organisers have listed the following themes: Public media broadcasters, digitization and the Internet … Continued

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ARTICLE: Journalism students not trained for industry practice

American college publications are less coupled with their audiences than what actual US newspapers are, David Bockino, of Elon University, writes. Bockino surveyed 231 US college newspaper advisers over how they perceived their protégés’ work. Most notably, college newspapers have weaker “coupling” with their audiences and marketing teams than what is reported of the industry, … Continued

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ARTICLE: Community journalism program instills values that are hard to uphold

Graduates of a Master’s degree program in community journalism continue to value the tenets of their education, yet have difficulties in adhering to them in practice, Wilson Lowrey and George L. Daniels, both of University of Alabama, write. The authors sent a survey to all the graduates of one program, gathering 41 usable responses from … Continued