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ARTICLE: Acquiring digital capital is important but gendered

Digital capital, i.e. information and communication technology skills and knowledge, is important in the struggle for power in journalism, increasing journalists’ chances for recruitment and advancement. Sara De Vuyst and Karin Raeymaeckers, of Ghent University, conducted 24 interviews with a cross-national sample to find out whether and how digital capital is gendered in journalism. Digital … Continued

BOOK: Female patients, ministers, and emotions in news

A new open access e-book on gender and media has been published by the University of Minho’s Communication and Society Research Centre. The book contains 11 chapters, many of which are of interest to journalism scholars. Cláudia Àlvares, of Lusófona University, and Adalberto Fernandes, of University of Lisbon, write about the way Portuguese press depicted … Continued

BOOK: Changes in media, changes in gender

  A recently published Nordicom book Mediers känslä för kön focuses on new possibilities of feminist media research in Swedish. The book points out that media’s sense of gender changes in the times of major media changes. The space between producers and consumers of media is shifting, and this book aims to study these on-going changes. … Continued